W.E., Kalisz, 9 November 2020

In 1982, when I was 31, I was diagnosed with malignant cancer (at that time it was practically a death sentence). After surgery, someone told me about Dr Podbielski’s products. I went to Międzyrzecz, to 8, Staszica St. Dr Podbielski gave a lecture on TP1 and TP2 and, of course, on the harmful effects of smoking and on healthy eating. He invited 30–40 people to his room each time. I managed to get in with the second group. I bought the products (at that time they cost 5 PLN, and the doctor asked me to bring empty bottles after injections for the next visit) and started to use them as recommended. I corresponded with the doctor, keeping him informed of my condition. After four months I managed to get into the hospital in Poznań at ul. Garbary to undergo radiation therapy. Taking these products (only TP2 then) I completed the treatment. After 27 lamp treatments (cobalt therapy) I was very exhausted and weak. I recovered fast, using the products. In 1994 a metastasis in the lumbar region was found. After the surgery in Poznań I returned home and continued to take the products and recovered quickly. During the subsequent follow-up visits, it turned out that the malignant cancer that had attacked me had progressed to a benign form. To this day I have no ill effects and I continue to take the products. The story of my younger son is yet another example of the beneficial effects of Dr Podbielski’s products. When he was 8, my son was prone to tonsillitis. He also developed sinusitis. He started to take the products and do inhalations. After a month, I found that there was no trace of sinusitis and the tonsillitis began to subside. At present, my son is 45 years old, 192 cm tall and weighs over 100 kg, and all that thanks to God and to the products of Dr Podbielski. I recommend TP-1 and TP-2 from Dr Tadeusz Podbielski to everyone.

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