Renata Gryciuk, Szczecin, 21 October 2020

I didn’t know Dr Podbielski, but my grandmother did. She would to go to the doctor to get his microelements back when you couldn’t order them online. My grandmother has been taking them all her life and so has my mother. My grandmother is 85 and feels great for her age. I took them only sporadically, unfortunately. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I have been taking microelements regularly and in large quantities since last December. I have not given up on conventional medicine treatment and am currently undergoing chemotherapy. I take Red Devil chemo in cycles every two weeks, but despite that fact I feel great. I have no side effects from the chemotherapy. My blood test results are excellent. I know my mental attitude does a lot too, because I am calm. I know that the microelements help me a lot and work great with chemo and I know that they will keep me healthy, among other things. Microelements are something I won’t part with again for the rest of my life. I will always take them. I think it’s great that we have this kind of medicine. I have already recommended them to many people. Unfortunately, some people don’t believe and don’t take them, and they are also fighting cancer. Some said they would take them after consulting a doctor. And the doctor, of course, said that the patient shouldn’t take anything that is not prescribed by him. I didn’t say anything to my oncologist. I believe it is my business and I have the right to support myself with unconventional medicine in addition to conventional medicine. However, I did not have the courage to give up medical treatment altogether. But I know that with microelements I will get through this without any side effects and be fully healthy. Kind regards, Renata Gryciuk

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