Maria Lilia Mądra, Warsaw, 8 November 2020

My name is Maria Lilia Mądra, I live in Warsaw. At the age of 34 (in 1980) I gave birth to my second child, a daughter. After the labour, when I did a check-up – a pap smear – the test result was unfavourable (3). I had never had any gynaecological problems before. Medications did not help, a sample was taken for analysis, another pap smearshowed no improvement – I was at risk of having my cervix removed. I was devastated. But I recalled a story told to me two years earlier about Dr Podbielski and his microelements that helped (healed) my friend’s mother. I went to Powiśle (where I met Dr Podbielski and his wife) and listened to a lecture on the treatment. I started using TP1 and TP2 microelements – I would drink them and do irrigations. After a very short time there was an improvement. I have used the TP1 microelements every day (unfortunately I don’t have a lot of the preparation left) and the test results have been flawless ever since. In addition, my daughter had a blue and red growth on her hand and on her back after birth. TP-1 microelements helped her a lot, not even the slightest trace remained, and the doctor had already wanted to refer the child to an oncologist. At that time – in the 1980s – in my neighbourhood I met a another mother with a baby in a pram. As I noticed that the child had a large red and blue nose, I recommended a visit to Dr Podbielski. I described the case of my daughter’s recovery as an example. The mother used the TP-2 microelements and the baby’s health improved, and as it turned out, surgery had already been planned. Thanks to the treatment the child avoided it, and the doctors were surprised by such a dramatic improvement. I also recommended the use of TP-1 and TP-2 microelements to my friends (including to a friend who avoided a thyroid surgery, and another friend whose skin cancer regressed) The beneficial effect of the microelements is also confirmed by the fact that after they were used regularly by elderly people (whom I cared for professionally for some time) their health improved significantly. In 2000, a woman under my care had some problems with mobility, she was in a wheelchair. At one of her medical appointments, the doctor decided that her legs should be amputated due to an advanced disease process. I suggested using TP1 and TP2 microelements. The woman’s daughter accepted this solution as a last resort. I rinsed the woman’s legs 2–3 times a day in the prepared solution – her legs were saved. Another case of an elderly person: a man after radiotherapy had oozing wounds on his chest, on the left side of his body – also in this case the patient’s health improved. Another elderly man who had difficulties with walking and leg oedema got help – his legs were no longer swollen, walking was easier. The main reason for the success of the microelements is that they nourish every cell of the body. Patients begin to function better, wounds heal quickly, the body’s immunity increases. The microelement cream was also wonderful, in the 80s to get it you had to supply a stick of butter (everything was rationed then). At the moment I’m using Dr Tuszyński’s silica cream – my complexion is great. I recommend both the microelements and the microelement cream to my family and many friends.

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