Łukasz Osiński, Świdnica, 18 November 2020

I would like to tell the story of my aunt who passed away five years ago, shortly after her 60th birthday. She was in her late twenties when she was diagnosed with a breast tumour. She underwent salvage surgery to remove the neoplastic lesion, but she was also looking for a way to prevent recurrence or malignancy. She then found out about Dr Podbielski’s microelements. As she later said, she was convinced to use microelements because of a “cyst – a lump under her scalp among the hair” which could not be squeezed out by any means. After a week’s treatment, it was as if the cyst had been pushed out and it could be easily removed. My aunt would drink microelements, pat her body, and sometimes she would do some kind of irrigation. However, she did not follow the doctor’s recommendations and continued to smoke. After almost fifteen years, the cancer issue returned. It turned out she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, radiation therapy and then took some pills. She continued to use microelements. Ten years later, during a follow-up visit, my aunt asked for a prescription for these pills because she had been told she would be taking them for the rest of her life. The doctor was surprised as they are used for a maximum of three years. According to the doctors, my aunt should not have lived more than those three years, but she survived more than seventeen years.

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