Józef Łykowski, Warsaw, 29 October 2020

In the late 1970s I was diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis during periodic chest X-rays. After some additional tests when samples were sent to various institutes, tuberculosis was ruled out. Another test at the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw at ul. Płocka by the use of some method (kfejna, I don’t remember the exact name) revealed it was sarcoidosis. I was informed that there was no medication or known treatment for this condition. In our search for help, by word of mouth, in Poland and in some English journals, we found out that a distant relative of my wife’s, Dr Podbielski, helped to treat this and similar diseases. We made contact and booked a visit – which was not easy even then. After five years of taking TP1 and TP2, I visited the pulmonary clinic at Saska St. in Warsaw. A meeting of doctors determined that there had been a mistake as there was no lung disease other than minor calcifications. After going through all the documentation, they asked the question – what are you taking?  I answered that it was TP1 and TP2 from Dr Podbielski. It’s okay, they said. I am 86 years old, the condition of my health is adequate, lungs normal. We visit the grave of Dr and Mrs Podbielski in Łomża twice a year. Yours sincerely, J. Łykowski 

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