Adam Rupniak, Gorzów Wlkp., 22 January 2021

I’m 76. I first met Dr Podbielski during his lecture in the 1990s in a lecture hall in Międzyrzecz. Dr Podbielski talked about the properties of Tp1 and Tp2, showed pictures of people with wounds that were hard to heal but healed after the application of microelements. He gave a lot of other good advice. Since then I have been using TP2 as a preventive measure. Recently, I had my lymph nodes affected, and after taking TP2 for a week the pain went away. My son Tomasz had cancer of his left lung and of the lymph nodes 5 years ago. He was diagnosed with malignant cancer. After taking TP2 for a month and a half, there was a change in his tests results before chemo. It turned out that the cancer was not malignant. The doctors were very surprised. After 8 chemo cycles everything was over. My son is active again and he is doing well. I’m sending my best regards for the entire Dr Podbielski Foundation and I wish you further research in this direction.

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