Urszula Osinska, Swidnica, November 18, 2020

Dr. Podbielski's microelements have been in our family for over forty years. My mother, who suffered from hypothyroidism, hypertension and heart disease, as well as my eldest sister who had breast cancer, took them. I use them occasionally, but there was a moment when I recovered thanks to Dr. Podbielski's products. It was 1990 and I was supervised by an oncology clinic for a few months due to initially harmless breast lumps. I was on hormone treatment, which not only didn't work, it also exacerbated the situation so much that I developed a ghastly soreness in my right breast. I could not move my arm and the pain radiated up to my shoulder, paralyzed the intercostal area and reached under my shoulder blade. I then ordered Dr. Podbielski's cobalt ointment. I applied it regularly and felt relief after a fairly short time. I was afraid to discontinue the product, even though the smell was odd and the ointment stained my underwear permanently - I couldn't wash it and I had to throw it away. However, once, when I wanted to order it, it turned out that the ointment was no longer available. Over time, I found that the healing effect was permanent and I didn't need to use the cobalt ointment. The pain went away and has not returned. To this day I am grateful to Dr. Podbielski, because I know that I owe him my health.

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