Second circulation preparation, 1990.


Secondary preparation

In 1956, Tadeusz Podbielski was not a clear ideological figure. His healing successes still remained incomprehensible to the official medical and ... political administration. He appeared to people as someone half haunted and half sorcerer. An almost metaphysical figure, ignored or even hated by doctors.

So it is hardly surprising now that editor S. Grzędzielski, a daily newspaper from the then Voice of Greater Poland, before he arrived at the Podbielskis' home in Miedzyrzecz; he first appeared at the local party secretary's house. - How ... here is the economic situation for you comrade? - the first question was asked. Subsequent questions dealt with schools, stores, agriculture, yield per hectare, milk yield of cows, general condition of animals, veterinary service, and finally: ...- comrade secretary, it has reached our editorial office," grunting awkwardly, Grzedzelski finally acceded to the topic that really interested him - that here in our area - a sorcerer is prowling. Podbielski, or whatever his name is ...The secretary's face hardened, in party indignation. The journalist suddenly regretted that he had brought up a taboo subject. And then....Mr. - shouted the secretary. - He is not a sorcerer at all! He cured me of all my ailments!

This topic is already a much-talked-about one that is as old as the history of communism in Poland, and I bring it up again only because, despite the obvious need, in 45 years, despite repeated efforts, no one competent has gotten around to making the medicine crafted by the private Manufacturer, veterinary doctor Tadeusz Podbielski, finally find its way into pharmacies.

In the course of various efforts on the part of the inventor, the so-called official factors argued that the content of the preparation that Dr. Podbielski proposes is, after all, found at least in Witaral or in iron compounds(e.g., Ascofer, Hemofer), which pharmacies sell in piles.

To say the least, I was surprised recently when a friend's wife, after four miscarriages, not promising to give birth to a child, decided to be treated with the doctor's preparation, as a result of which she soon became a mother of two children. What she had bought before in pharmacies did not help. When she went to the doctor some time later with - laboratory results, where 3.5 million erythrocytes stood like an ox, she received iron compounds. They got stronger and stronger after each visit.

After - two months she already had 3.1 million erythrocytes. It looked like. unquestionable anemia. And she tried again, the Podbielski preparation. After two weeks she felt great, and the test result was sensational - 4.5 million erythrocytes.
- Well, you see how well my prescriptions helped! - exclaimed the proud doctor stuffing the patient with conventional drugs for two months.

Let him have it! As you can see from this, despite the fact that the content of Podbielski's preparation is found in either Witaral or iron compounds, some human organisms react acutely not to what is generally available.
It began trivially. In 1945, veterinary surgeon Captain Tadeusz Podbielski was sent to Miedzyrzecz as district animal doctor. The very first visits to the villages showed how much trouble the farmers were facing. Well, the cattle do not want to eat grass, they lose weight, lose milk, and eventually get sick and fall down. Podbielski tries various remedies he knows. All to no avail. He takes samples of grass and soil, takes them to the laboratory. The test shows the existence of various . chemical compounds, but copper, cobalt and mang an are missing. So he adds copper compounds to his medicines. To no avail. He can't think about cobalt after all, the pharmacology textbook clearly states that cobalt is a poisonous agent and that it is used in dyeing. Apply something ta kiego for cattle? After all, it's suicide! The UB has already been trodding on his heels anyway and is asking - what is he doing here, why are the cows still sick, why is there no milk. So Podbielski has a chance - to earn a reputation as an enemy of the people. If something goes wrong with him, comes out and a few cows die after his medicines, he will surely be arrested as an agent of the US imperial zmu who exterminates socialist cows.

Podbielski then decides to experiment on himself. He makes a mixture with do dat cobalt and drinks it after dinner. The horrified spouse doesn't know what to do, then drinks a second portion herself.
In the morning they both wake up in exceptionally good moods. This means that it is possible to take risks with the cows as well. As a precaution, he dispenses the medicine free of charge, so that later he won't be suspected that not only did he slaughter the cow, but also took money for it?

Time flies, the cows are getting better every day. It quickly came to light that in the families also with the health is not good and the children are the worst. Bloated bellies, obstructions, leukemia. So the children are given "cow formula", -which quickly improves health.

A familiar officer comes by once, carrying a near-death colt, and asks to put to sleep the bitch, who had a tumor on her nipple, the size of a fist. Instead of putting her to sleep, Podbielski gives her a bowl of water, supplemented with his new medicine. After two weeks, the bitch is already jumping, and the tumor has shrunk several times.

One of the nurses mentioned his neighbor, who had just been transported home from the hospital. She has metastatic uterine cancer. She was brought in basically just so she wouldn't die in the hospital.

The dog was helped," the nurse stated, "so maybe she will get better too. So the doctor ordered the daughter of the patient to add medicine to her mother's water. She lived not long," recalls Tadeusz Podbielski. - Seventeen years old.

In Dr. Podbielski's office lies an album on a shelf, full of downright gruesome documentation. I'm looking at a photograph - showing someone with a leg, as if from videotapes about "Zombi". The woman is alive, but the leg....Only cut! Apparently, when the patient was brought into the doctor's apartment and the bandages were unwound, all windows had to be opened immediately, because the caregivers including the landlord nearly suffocated from suffocation.

I look at the same person in another, photo, taken a few months later. No! Cu du I will not tell, the toes are marked only vestigially, in the previous photo they were no longer there, but the leg is there and you can walk on it. Everything has healed. At a special scientific session, the patient herself referred to her case.

Next two photos. A 3-year-old girl with a brain tumor. Should we operate? Doctors offer no guarantees. The second photo shows the same girl in a wedding outfit. Caption: "In token of heartfelt gratitude for life. It's been 23 years that I've been alive thanks to your preparation. Slupca 1989."

Medical records and photos show people who should have died. They should, because official medicine was unable to treat them. They are alive one might say - unofficially thanks to Dr. Podbielski's preparation.
I look at the entries in the memorial book:

"To Mr. Doctor Tadeusz Podbielski grateful for three years of kind care, 15.05.1974 Melchior Wańkowicz. He asked for two years to live," the doctor interjects. - He received three.

"To Mr. and Mrs. Podbielski with thanks for their help in maintaining my life. 4.9.1984. Michal Zymierski Marshal of Poland."

"Expressions of gratitude 5.7.1984 - President of the International Court of Justice of The Hague, Bohdan Winiarski".

I am reading a letter from April this year, written by a doctor employed at a Polish mission among lepers, in India. I quote an excerpt: "The patient's face during the illness looked very ugly I saw the face of an old damaged woman. This is how the disease disfigured her. The patient, finally stopped taking medication, as she came to the conclusion that nothing would help her anyway. In this hopeless condition, I applied the Lord's preparation. After some time, an amazing change took place. It was the face of an unbelievably young Indian woman."

The family photos are a piece of Polish history. The doctor is 88 years old. So there is something to reminisce about. With Stefan Wyszynski, later the Primate of Poland, they attended one class in 1916 at a high school in Lomza. It is also difficult to count the people from the secular world who were the doctor's patients.

After the report-TV in 1985, 3,000 people a day reported to the Podbielski apartment. Many of them came "just in case". They were kneeling on the street, begging to be admitted. They both fell ill at the time. They could not withstand the pressure of the crowds. The fame of Podbielski's preparations spread throughout Poland. And state laboratories still don't bother to test the drug thoroughly. Test it and put it on the production line despite the fact that on this, production can be made a huge business. Without spending a penny on advertising!

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