Dr. Podbielski's micronutrients, 1980s (with drawing)

Author unknown (newspaper clipping missing)

Original article from the newspaper at the very bottom. 

Dr. Podbielski's micronutrients

Downtown Warsaw, early morning. Around the Poniatowski Bridge more than usual parked cars. The license plates show that people have come here from the remotest corners of the country. (Dr. Podbielski also received treatment in Warsaw, he lived in Miedzyrzecz and had his office there).

Passengers disembarking from the bus, which stopped vis a vis the house with number 14, quickly disappear into the gate of the old, pre-war building, to which a modern segment has recently been added that fits the whole like the proverbial fist to the eye.

In a large concrete courtyard, surrounded on all sides by the walls of the building, a snaky queue of people waits in a snaking line.

-Today will come a long wait," worried an elderly woman looking for the end of the giant tail.
-I think it will go down by the evening.
-Eee, there's a lot on repeat - consoles another - but with three or four hours we'll stop for sure.

Nearly 7,000 people are waiting to see the "great quack"! The queue takes up three-fourths of the courtyard and the stairwell up to the fourth floor. People stand punitively, without pushing, shouting or arguing - perhaps because only the order applies here, and not privileges related to disability, pregnancy, etc. All that is known is that there is enough medicine for everyone, as well as everyone will be admitted despite the official office hours of 9 to 11 am.

-Ech, if our socialized health service worked like this," sighs a young girl with glasses, who has already visited many clinics in search of rescue for her hair, which is falling out in handfuls.

I take my place at the end of the line. I light a cigarette.
-Don't do it! - shouts the woman standing in front of me.
- Smoking is not allowed here! A cigarette is 57 carcinogens. The doctor does not allow smoking, and if he sees from the window, he will not give the medicine.
So I extinguish the freshly sipped "Zephyr" and then I hear that the doctor chases away not only all smokers by calling them "bastards" and "stinkers", but also dislikes drinkers and uses a few other blunt terms towards them.

I learn from regular patients waiting in line that Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski is a... veterinarian by profession. He is now over 80 years old; ten years ago he earned his doctorate at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the VRS in Wroclaw; that the drugs named after his initials, TP-1 and TP-2, are micronutrients that are a variant of a biogenic stimulator that increases the body's immune defenses; that TP-1 contains only cobalt chloride, while TP-2 contains salts of many other heavy metals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, etc., in addition to cobalt chloride. I hear that in 1977 the doctor received an official patent for his preparations, and since then he has been unsuccessfully negotiating with "Polfa" about taking up production of the "elements" on a wider scale. [...]

A woman wipes her hand with tears at the thought of what will happen to all those people who have been treated for years at the doctor's, if, God forbid, the doctor dies, and no one else in Poland can or wants to produce the priceless concoction that has been saving the lives of many sick people for nearly 30 years.

-And it all started with the dog," says a man who has been treated at Podbielski for five years for liver cancer.
-Not from the dog, but from the cow,‖ straightens a woman with bronchial asthma who has been drinking -elements‖ without much effect for three and a half years, -The dog was later. First, the cows in Miedzyrzecz, where the doctor lives constantly to this day, stopped giving milk and died. The doctor examined them and started giving them TP-1, because there was no cobalt in the hay they ate.
-Yes, you are right," the man admits. - The cows recovered. Later there was a dog. A bitch with breast cancer, that is, nipples. They brought her to the doctor to be put to sleep, and he cured the doggie for three months. The cancer disappeared, and the dog continued to go hunting.
-Then the doctor cured an anemic child, a woman with cancer on her uterus, and people started coming to him from all over Poland, reports an old woman sitting on a folding chair brought from home, whom the doctor cured of "indigestion" within a year.

Dr. Podbielski's well-informed old patients are constantly being joined by new ones, lured by the fame of the "miracle witch doctor" circulating for many years in and around Warsaw. When official medicine is unable to help (not only in the case of cancer!) people seek rescue or relief from suffering by any means available. And they have an undeniable right to do so, after all. Hence, in the queue in front of the house there are not only old people, but also middle-aged people, young people and mothers with small children. Everyone hopes that perhaps they too will be healed by colorful concoctions prepared by an "initiated alchemist" with a doctorate.

TP-1 and TP-2 often turn out to be the last chance.

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