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The mystery of Dr. P.

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I arm a person to fight the disease
How Dr. P's unusual drug works.
And yet still outside the official pharmacy
Reporter as " guinea pig"
Media treatment - also at a distance
About the extraordinary strength inherent in human nature, if it knows how to find its place in the world and direct itself to kind and selfless help to another person
You will read about these and many other issues in a several-episode report, the publication of which we began a week ago

When I first enter Dr. Podbielski's house in Miedzyrzecz, it is midday. In the doorway I meet two women coming out with traveling luggage. I introduce myself and ask where they came from. One is from Gdansk, the other from Katowice. How did they find out about Dr. Podbielski's drug? - I have a friend," says one of the women. - Last year she fell seriously ill. She was lying in the hospital, supposedly for cancer, and they discharged her, she refused to accept surgery. She, I don't know from where, found out that there was a medicine that could help her. She sent her husband, who brought it to her, and after a few months she was already able to walk and today she feels good. I came to get this medicine for my mother ... Doctor Podbielski. A tall, stocky, good-looking man of nearly eighty years old with a human-friendly outlook and an endearing exterior from the first meeting.

I say that I want to become a " guinea pig " and try his medicine on myself. I have nothing to lose, only this four-centimeter ulcer on the back wall of my stomach. Dr. S , to whom I report with the results of various tests, does not try to delude me with too optimistic prospects : these are quite dangerous ulcers, they easily turn into cancerous matters, I should prepare for surgery. I agree, but I suggest waiting for two months, maybe a little longer. If there is no improvement during this period, I will report for surgery. In the meantime, I ingest the pills routinely prescribed in such circumstances (magnosil, metoclopramidum and no-spa, and relanium before bed ) and after a month of seeing Dr. S. And Dr. G. I am going to see Dr. Podbielski.

The latter listens to me carefully, then says that I should continue to strictly follow the doctors' recommendations, while he - as a supplement to normal treatment - will give me those two tiny bottles containing TP-1 and TP-2, which the women from Gdansk and Katowice had just received from the doctor. These medicines are supposed to work together with normal medicines, to improve treatment. In the bottle with TP-1 is a pink liquid. Dr. Podbielski explains: these are just cobalt salts. In the other, with a darker liquid, there are salts of cobalt, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and others. The Americans counted 33 of them. " Our enlightened selves could not be induced to look into it," says Dr. Podbielski. TP found its way to America as unconventionally as it did to hundreds of Polish homes where someone gets sick and tries to find rescue in a " miracle " cure. Dr. Podbielski says he has a professor friend in America. The woman had several miscarriages and could not get pregnant in any way. She wrote for Dr. Podbielski to send her these TP "micronutrients" of his, maybe they would help something. She started drinking them.

After a year, her two twin daughters, Kasia and Malgosia, were born. The girls had already married and graduated from college. One of them during her studies told her professor ( and her mother told her many times ) that she was the daughter of "microelements". The professor became interested in the matter, the university gave the girl a scholarship and created conditions for experiments. The girl studied biology. The results of experiments on more than two hundred mice turned out to be sensational. That's when it turned out that there are so many this and that salts of various elements in TP. Similar experiments were conducted much later also in Poland. In 1979, "Literature" published an interview with Professor K. from the Institute of Oncology. He said, among other things : "Dr. Podbielski, who conducted research on animals, also has a lot of experience from people who he somehow helped. However, this modest and very reliable man stipulates that when taking micronutrients, official therapy should not be interrupted. Recently, a series of studies on micronutrients was conducted at the Institute of Experimental Biology. It turned out that disruptions in micronutrient metabolism cause immune disorders in the body ..." For the further fate of TP, however, nothing came of this. I will continue to write later in the report.

Meanwhile, so Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski explains to me the effects of his drug. He repeats the same thing to others who report to him. He speaks in colorful, pictorial language: - From each bottle we will have a liter of medicine. At home, we dilute it. Not right away, but, for example, half a liter, or one-third half or one-third of the drug in boiled and cooled water. Diluted TP-1 will be clear, while TP-2 will be cloudy. Start with diluted TP-1 three times a day after a small teaspoon of tea, milk or soup. First 2 to 5 drops and check for palpitations, dizziness. If not, move gradually to a teaspoon three times a day. There are different results: some people were able to find 36 stones in their urine after three days. And this is a good job, because it cleanses the kidneys, protects the body to fight the main enemy. Sometimes there can be sensitization in the form of a minor rash and itching on the body. Do not be afraid of this, stop a few days rest and take a lower dose. Sometimes this strengthens the heart. But sometimes the capricious heart does not like it: start again with a few drops and get the body used to it. What does this medicine give? It improves appetite (give to children, for example, in tea, not much), improves digestion and bowel movements. It improves blood, nerves, strength, general well-being.

In this blood, more red corpuscles, more hemoglobin means more oxygen. As more oxygen, stronger is the body. There is strength to fight disease, In hypoxic conditions all kinds of diseases are spread - especially cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Lack of oxygen, it's like in our traditional stove - it doesn't want to burn, it smokes, smokes more and more soot, and these soot, so to speak, are deposited in our body. Oxygen, this is the fighting force. Oxygen, iron, beats all kinds of germs. But this medicine also expands the arterioles in these infested areas. If I have good wide roads to this front and can get more ammunition and bread, that is, this oxygen, more effective fight against the disease.

This is where Dr. Podbielski always attacks his patients. He is ruthless, sharp and not at all gentle with words. - And if someone smokes - he almost shouts - cigarettes at home, there will be no health, there can not be and should not be. I, as a rule, to such do not dispense medicine, because there is no point, let's not kid ourselves. Because what does a cigarette do? Narrows the blood vessels, blood does not flow in the final amount to those affected areas, well, and a chance for various diseases that attack every day. Someone doesn't smoke, but sits in that smoke, it's the same as if he smoked. - One by one, the doctor shows me some pictures: - Young women who smoke cigarettes, look at them. Children, they come into the world with cancers. These young smoking mothers are criminals. And this is a classic case. A few months ago. Eleven o'clock at night. One master engineer from Wroclaw arrives: doctor, a week ago we arranged the baptism of a child. A five-month-old, healthy, strong baby. The next day the child is dying, to the clinic. And the father rushes to me. I ask: and how many smokers were at this party? Only eight. He the immediate family invited to murder this five-month-old baby. And here (another photo) another case. A Warsaw woman, 38 years old, handsome, intelligent, smoked. And please, nine toes fell off. Necrosis of this kind was going on here. 22 years she was treated in Warsaw, the best specialists, and they necessarily wanted to amputate both her legs. They brought her on a chair to me in Warsaw. They bandaged one leg, well, unfortunately it smelled like a corpse. I thundered as much as I could: you criminal, take out those cigarettes! She pulled out, threw them away, stopped smoking. Please look (new photo) after several months of treatment with the drug TP- legs healed, but the fingers did not grow back.

Terrible is the documentation of Dr. Podbielski.

So during the first week," he continues patiently, "we drink only TP-1. From a few drops to a teaspoon three times a day. In the second week we switch to the stronger TP-2. We also start with a few drops: twice TP-1, once TP-2, then once TP-1, twice TP-2 from a few drops, half a teaspoon of solution, to a teaspoon three times a day. And also try how the body tolerates it. You have to practice for yourself. The dose is dictated by the body. This is all in the form of drinking. In this way, I improve my morphology, expand this supply of better blood to the battlefield - whether it's in the head, liver, leg, etc., whether it's a cancerous, rheumatic, inflammatory, allergic, etc. issue. TP-2 can be used to make poultices on painful areas. Cover a slightly moistened cloth with a flannel. Only do not put on large wounds, because it burns a lot, worse and longer than iodine. You can around the wound. You can make gargles (a teaspoon, then a tablespoon of TP-2 solution per glass of water) several times a day. For wounds on the uterus, erosions, discharge, myomas, fibroids or infertility - use irrigation. Per glass of water, initially one teaspoon, then a tablespoon of TP-2 solution. What are the results sometimes? I have such a case of a woman from our province. She had eleven miscarriages. She was both losing hope for a child. She began to drink it, made several rinses. And her daughter was already making her baccalaureate this year. You can also do inhalations. It is good for bronchi, throat, sinuses, ears. I had such a case: someone wore braces in his ears for iks years. After eight months of TP use, he comes to me and says: doctor, I can already hear you without braces.

All this, in turn, after many years of painstaking experiments on animals and humans, during which there were also lawsuits....

Bronislaw Slomka

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