Podbielski's life-giving medicine, 1992.

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Podbielski's life-giving medicine

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The preparations Tp-1 and Tp-2, the invention of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski, have been the talk of Poland for a long time. This set of micronutrients, or trace elements, not found anywhere, turned out to be a revelation. It cures not a specific disease, but strengthens the defense forces of the entire organism, which thus fights diseases on its own, not excluding cancer. Just as noteworthy as the doctor's invention is himself and his wife, Sophie.

Tadeusz Podbielski, born in 1903, was born in Lomza, in a patriotic family of merit for Poland. He completed his veterinary studies at Warsaw University in 1931, his cadet school in Grudziądz, and his military service in the 3rd Artillery Regiment in Vilnius. He married Zofia Mogilnicka, also a Lomza resident and also a great patriot.

The Podbielskis settled in Kolno. In addition to his professional work, the doctor was passionate about social activities. In time, he became president of the Cooperative of Agricultural Wheels, vice-president of the Association of Polish Beekeeping and also joined the Board of .Dairy Cooperative, all in Kolno, whose products had a high brand name, butter was exported, among others, and to Great Britain.

In the second half of the 1930s, the cooperative decided to build a Dairy House - the district governor in Kolno, thanks to the intercession of the Podbielskis, came to the rescue and allocated 25,000 zlotys, a huge sum for the time. Meanwhile, the Kurpie people, a characterful nation, taking an example from their doctor, decided otherwise.

- We will erect the house on our own, and use the subsidies to rearm the army! The timing was opportune, as the war clouds were already thickening over Europe. At the end of August 1939 Tadeusz Podbielski received a mobilization card, with a referral to the 18th Infantry Division, which was part of the "Narew" Independent Operational Group. Not wanting to upset his wife, he concealed his military appointment. When the thing came to light, and it had to come out, excuses were made. Fact.

Not that Mrs. Zofia wanted to keep her husband, on the contrary, she resented the fact that he did not tell her, as a result of which she did not have time to prepare properly for the departure to the front. This is because Zofia Podbielska, faithful to family tradition, decided to go to war with her husband. Unbelievable, but that's what happened.
So they both went. Mrs. Zofia in a scout uniform as a nurse, and Mr. Tadeusz as a reserve second lieutenant, and they reported to their unit. Unfortunately, on September 13 the "Narew" Operational Group was defeated, but the Podbielskis - not the only ones, after all - did not capitulate. Having heard that General Franciszek Kleeberg was organizing" the Independent Operational Group , "Polesie" they broke through and joined this last great unit of the Polish Army.

Now the direction of the attack changed. Kleeberg rushed to the aid of Warsaw, and the Podbielskis passed the entire battle route of "Polesie" all the way to Wola Gułowska, where the general, after fighting the last battle of September, had to capitulate. "Only because," Mr. Tadeusz added, "we ran out of ammunition; I keep reminding you of this, because not every laying down of arms is an insult."

This time Podbielski did not escape captivity, while Mrs. Zofia escaped fortunately, which was decisive for both of them. For having learned that among the Kleeberians in Dęblin there was also her husband, after various adventures - in disguise - she got to the fortress and led her spouse out, under the eye of the Germans, but this is again a separate story.

Escaping arrest, the Germans were already detaining WP officers, they settled in the village of Lipa Miklas near Kozienice, in the Kielce region, where the post of veterinarian was vacant. In time, they established contacts with the Home Army and very close contacts with the Peasant Battalions, and this was because a friendship developed between the doctor and Antoni Lipiec, commander of the local BCh outpost, which found its emphatic expression-as it did in those years-in a joint action to free 20 Armenians from a POW camp near Głowaczów.

After the war of 1945, Mr. and Mrs. Podbielski moved to Miedzyrzecz Wielkopolski, where the doctor organized the veterinary service in the district and where the invention of the preparation Tp-1 and Tp-2 took place, but this is again a separate story .

I regret that I cannot describe it, I will only mention that if it were not for Dr. Podbielski's character, his persistence and perseverance, his passion for serving the sick and the help of his spouse, we would not have this preparation. So what was it that Dr. Podbielski invented? To the elements known for their healing properties , trace elements such as magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and others, he added cobalt, more precisely - cobalt chloride, and 'so long, years, he perfected his discovery until he obtained such a composition of trace elements, which neither conventional nor unconventional medicine knew. And he modestly named his invention Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations.

The result exceeded expectations. And coincidence helped. Well, in the j area of Miedzyrzecz Wielkopolski at the time when the doctor came there, animals-especially cattle-were sickly, I cows did not want to eat, despite the lush vegetation, they lost their hair, did not give milk, lost weight, and eventually died. What's more, residents of the Międzyrzecz area complained of lack of strength, hair loss and hair loss, lack of appetite, exhaustion and cancer.

The reason was one and the same - the lack of micronutrients in the soil, and since there were none in the soil, there could not be any in milk, butter, cottage cheese, meat, eggs either. This deficiency just led to a mineral imbalance in the body; similar effects are caused by soil chemistry, improper food storage and stress. How many of us, before realizing that the cause of his illness is a lack of micronutrients in the body reasons for getting sick look for the traditional view of causing infections. And he takes medicines that he doesn't need to take, because this not that disease and but those medicines, but that's something to know about.

"Micronutrients are essential components of organic compounds like enzymes, hormones, vitamins, dyes and others," stated Associate Professor Stanislaw Grabiec of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences at a scientific symposium on the occasion of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's 85th birthday, "and participate in regulating indirect metabolism. Without micronutrients, life would be impossible. This is because due to a deficiency or excess of micronutrients there is a disturbance in metabolism namely - anemia bone disease caused by a deficiency of copper, cobalt, calcium, phosphorus or an excess of strontium; beryllium... ".

This truth was also confirmed by the experience of Professor Wanda Barbara Borzemska, also of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who obtained excellent results in treating bone deformities in chicks. After giving them Tp-2 preparation, a number of pathological conditions of ladders disappeared, mainly skeletal deformities. It was Mrs. Professor who called Dr. Podbielski's preparations life-giving drugs.

Above all, however, this truth was confirmed by the cures of hundreds of doomed patients due to various diseases including cancer; thousands of Dr. Podbielski's patients were restored to health by Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations, and tens of thousands were spared suffering and chronic diseases. 4 Dr. Podbielski's preparations were praised by another scientist, Professor Julian Aleksandrowicz, who maintained that $0 percent of cancer is environmentally determined.

Like any inventor, Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski also has opponents, although some of them, spreading accusations that Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations are nothing but ;combinations" of a number of micronutrients, secretly reach for these "combinations" and treat themselves and their loved ones with them. Effectively.

Who, by the way, was not a patient of Dr. Podbielski? He treated both Anna German after a car accident in Italy. Car accident in Italy, and Melchior Wańkowicz who . asked the doctor for two years to live so that he could finish writing "La Fontaine's Decanter"; and he survived more. Thousands of people suffering from the most diverse diseases are treated; not only from Poland.

Tadeusz Podbielski welcomes everyone. And he informs about the beneficial effects of Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations. He also makes no secret of the fact that micronutrients are not a panacea for all ailments, and advises everyone to remain under the supervision of the attending physician. Smokers just don't indulge! Anyone who poisons himself with nicotine has nothing to look for in Mezzanine.

Thus Tadeusz Podbielski, a soldier of September 1939, the inventor of the preparation Tp-1 Tp-2 drug, which, by strengthening the body's defense forces, restores health, became a benefactor of the sick, bringing them the hope of recovery. A particularly salutary thing today, when the effects of the Chernobyl disaster cause dangerous cancer diseases not only for the living, but also for those yet to be born, not to mention the consequences of the ozone hole. We have definitely fallen on the wrong time to live in

Bronislaw Zycki



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