The mystery of Dr. P. - completion, 1984.

Gorzow Land
September 3, 1984

The mystery of Dr. P. - completion

Dr. Podbielski's drug is used to treat famous and less famous people, people from the shovel and from the plow, holders of academic titles and "simpletons". It's been the same for years. No one (he himself is also unable to do so) can say exactly how many cases the drug has helped and how many have failed. Dr. Podbielski finds out (whether TP has helped someone) most often by accident. Someone comes to Miedzyrzecz from faraway parts of Poland, tells him or her about someone in the family who, in a critical situation, felt better or recovered after using the legendary TP, despite the fact that official medicine offered little hope. The doctor writes a letter, asking for a report. From these letters of "his" patients he could compile a whole volume of touching stories, in which the motif of gratitude, thanks and relief in specific cases runs together with professional or simple descriptions of suffering, diseases of which often a healthy person has no idea. Dr. Podbielski often finds out that he helped someone only many years later.

In the spring of 1982, a woman from Białobrzegi near Warsaw approached him with a request for medication. He knows about the remarkable effectiveness of TP because he has a friend who developed lung cancer four years ago. The family did not agree to surgery. Let him write to me," the doctor said when he learned that the man was alive, as he was told thanks to TP. He soon received a letter:"...I sincerely thank you... I want to thank you sincerely for keeping me alive. In 78, after 3 months of treatment in the hospital for lung cancer, the doctors saw no other treatment but surgery. My daughter did not agree to surgery. She brought me emaciated to the doctor and I started taking regular medication (TP - note BS). After four months I felt relief in my chest, I was no longer short of air....

... In the conditions we live in, we should treat ourselves with micronutrients because we can't afford the others... If I had access to mass media, I would talk about it in every daily newspaper out of my own conviction. I have proof of my illness..."

Once upon a time, the head of a village near Międzyrzecz fell ill with lung cancer. After lengthy treatment, an opening of the chest was made in the hospital, after which the family was called in: the man had two weeks to live. Grasping for a last chance, the family therefore conceived of giving him the TP drug. The village leader lived another six and a half years.

I will admit that writing about these cases I feel an inner resistance. It is the truth. It's all true. It is impossible to question the obvious evidence of TP's effectiveness if people, who are often in a hopeless state, recovered after taking the drug. But I also realize that by writing about it, among many who are currently suffering, I may be triggering hopes that are completely unjustified. So I repeat what I have written before: there is no miracle cure, and a person will always in alce with the disease, at one time or another, suffer defeats. But also in the fight against the disease, he will try all means that will release some hope in him. And this is natural. He will imbibe anything that will help him fight pain and suffering.

The fact that Podbielski's drug has become such a remedy for many is undeniable. This is simply an objective truth that cannot be denied: there are disease stories, evidence, people who confirm it with their own experience. There are scientific authorities who do not deny it, because it is impossible to deny. I myself also went to Dr. Podbielski only as a reporter, but as a "guinea pig". It was in the first half of June 1980. At that time, I began to treat a rather large, four-centimeter ulcer on my stomach. After two and a half months, without stopping work, I feel excellent. Despite fatigue, journalistic "nervousness" (this is normal), I no longer feel any stomach discomfort, as if there was no dispute . I systematically drank TP and a month at a time took various pills prescribed by the doctor in such circumstances. But my case, my cure is no revelation compared to the cases I mentioned in previous episodes you need to report. Personally, it allowed me to test, on myself to experience, the effect of the TP drug. For this purpose, I went to Dr. Podbielski, and I think I achieved this goal. But this, I repeat, is a trifle compared to those numerous cases of various forms of cancer against which official medicine has proved helpless and which you have treated with this very specific drug.

Why is this drug not known in pharmacies? What do the scientists who were approached by Dr. Pod bielski with his peculiarity think about it. Another series of reports could already be written on this subject. In 1975, the People's Daily published an article in which a famous hematologist from Krakow, an advocate of the cause of the use of micronutrients in treatment, Julian Aleksandrowicz, speaks about the TP drug: "Dr. Podbielski honestly presented his medicines to me, proposing to use them for my patients. An analysis of these peculiarities was carried out by the Institute of Forensic Expertise, and it showed that they contain bio-elements like cobalt, zinc, magnesium, etc. in certain proportions. Unfortunately, I was not able to carry out clinical trials, because the drugs proposed by Dr. Podbielski did not receive the stipulated by the Institute of Medicine to let them go into practice.

This seems a pity, because I know several facts, admittedly only from third-party stories - nevertheless authoritative - when Dr. Podbielski's treatment helped, and never harmed. I believe that any initiative that aims to bring relief to the suffering should not be condemned. especially when we doctors are powerless. After all, Pasteur was not afraid of a doctor either, and we know that medicine owes a lot here."

One of those people who have worked with Dr. Podbielski for years with great kindness is, among others, Associate Professor Stanislaw Grabiec, head of the biochemistry and biophysics laboratory of the Department of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. I will quote a few of his opinions after Krzysztof W Kasprtyk's report "Podbielski's Micronutrients"; which at one time appeared in "Express of Reporters".

* You see, in Podbielski's case it was the practical and not the scientific approach that caused so many institutions, so many offices, to carry themselves to the non-mo negative. And yet Podbielski is a man who tried to answer the question of what is the mechanism of effect of the preparation on the body.
* His specifics are not some preparations against specific disease entities, but serve to increase the body's immunity.

* Of course, there are also quite a few people who have not been helped by TP, usually in cases of far advanced cancer. I have a colleague who was diagnosed with malignant cancer of the throat. Prior to radiation, he was systematically administered Pod bielski preparation. And everyone, doctors too, was surprised by one thing. For always in cases of irradiation quite drastic symptoms of radiation sickness are observed, and in my colleague they did not occur at all. Not only did he tolerate this method of treatment well, but he returned home, is . happy and working. To a large extent, he owes this to Podbielski's preparations.
So this is a drug that helps, stimulates the healing process and never harms, as Professor Alexandrovich stated. If this is the case, then (I repeat) why can't Tadeusz Podbielski's docket put it into official circulation. Here again I will refer to the aforementioned publication in the Reporter's Express, because the daily consulted knowledgeable people:

* Docent Grabiec: "Who will be interested in this? Podbielski spoke with "Polfa" On the subject of taking up production, but ... If the director of the factory reported readiness for production, he would prepare approvals for the Institute of Medicine ... The technology is simple. Ampouling and bottling equipment - they have. Sterile preparation of material - they always do it. So the technological problem literally none. Only organizational issues."

* One well-known Polish oncologist, reserving the anonymity of his statement, said on the subject that a state clinic would not cooperate with a private drug manufacturer. This can only be considered by the Institute of Medicine; under normal clinical conditions it is not possible to experiment with such a drug. Poland has one of the strictest drug registration systems in the world, thanks to which we have so far avoided various tragic consequences of rash decisions, as was the case, for example, with thalidomide in the West;

* The procedure is very complicated: the drug first needs to be tested in experiments with animals, then on randomly selected groups of patients; the tests are so difficult that without the pharmaceutical industry no clinician will undertake them, since it is the industry that evaluates many of the drug's important parameters. In other words: you need an official manufacturer and painstaking research.

Dr. Podbielski still hopes that the case will one day move forward. That this enchanted circle of impossibility, resistance, being trumped up with promises or whatever will finally be broken. But this would have to be handled with full commitment by some official institution. Dok tor grasps at every opportunity, even small ones. During a conversation with me, he said that recently one of the deputy ministers was being treated with his medicine: maybe he can help? The ministry he heads can do a lot. But there are many such "threads" of hope. So far, it ends with unkept promises:, kind opinions and that's all.

There are no strong ones... Perhaps they will be found now, when, as a result of martial law, one can act faster and more consistently? It's a matter of making a concrete decision and initiating the factual research that is indispensable, a matter of assigning this subject to a cancer pro gram; finding a state manufacturer and getting the Podbielski Institute of Medicine, or, I don't know, who else, interested in the specifics? I know that this reportage will not "settle" anything in this matter, but maybe it will prompt someone to investigate the matter in depth not as it deserves. Maybe. Such cases have happened.
And in the meantime, Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski, vice-chairman of the Międzyrzecz branch of ZBoWiD, who is responsible for the government, shows me around the local area of World War II fortifications, vividly tells me about the Soviet offensive of 1945, and leads me to the home of a family of veterans with whom he has long maintained close contacts....

And Mrs. Sophia is looking forward to visitors: in a little while the Animal Welfare Society is meeting. They both have a lot of work, they never have time to be bored, They have a great charge of optimism, kindness to people and an ever-unflagging curiosity for the world, the environment in which they live and its small and important things. They love them here. With their active, creative lives they have earned respect and human kindness. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, they are going to Warsaw. Someone is preparing a film about them for television. Because the Podbielskis are almost an institution.

Bronislaw Slomka

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