Last Chance Cure, 1984.

Kurier Szczeciński magazine
27-28-29-01-1984 r.
No. 20
Author: Waldemar Uchman

Medicine of last resort
Preparations of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski

The terminally ill Melchior Wańkowicz, during his last visit to Dr. Tadeusz
Podbielski made a sincere plea: he asked the doctor for three years to live. The master of the pen got
along with the appropriate portion of the recommendations bottles of TP-1 and TP-2. He took them and lived
7 more years.

How many celebrities or cancer patients Dr. Podbielski has prolonged their lives and eased their pain, he himself could not count.

Recently, television presented a 35-minute film about the 81st veterinary doctor Tadeusz Podbielski, It showed many shots of bunkers in the vicinity of Miedzyrzecz, where the doctor has lived since 1945, many picturesque views, but did not depict the persistence with which the doctor, despite the indifference of healthy people) tries to win for the sick the right of citizenship of his preparations, which without exaggeration can be called the medicine of last resort.

- In 1945 raku I was directed to the Recovered Territories, to Miedzyrzecz, to _ organize a veterinary service, recalls Dr. Podbielski. - Although there were wonderful meadows and pastures, cows did not want to eat in some areas, they became thin and died. Farmers began to move to other areas. I then submitted samples of hay, water and soil for analysis.

The answer came on May 28, 1950. This was for Dr. Podbielski and his invention a
historic date. The results of the analysis proclaimed that manganese ions were found in the samples in the absence of cobalt and copper. Pharmacy textbooks at the time stated that cobalt was not used in medicine. However, the doctor decided to take a risk. He did not want to endanger the animals entrusted to him, so he tried the toxicity of the dose on himself. His wife Sophie, seeing this - took it as well. Since then, both now elderly spouses have been regular users of micronutrients.

When the first dose not only did not harm them, but on the vet clearly improved their well-being and increased their vitality, the doctor was able to start treating the cattle. He then noticed that where they were sick, children and women in particular were also suffering from certain ailments. He shared his observations with local doctors.

He persuaded them to join him in testing a compounded micronutrient preparation for use in human treatment. He managed to interest no one. Instead, he found that a cancerous tumor had disintegrated in a dog he was about to put to sleep, which he watered with his preparation.

He instructed paramedics to deliver animals with tumors to him. The therapeutic effects were so impressive that one of the orderlies made a plea to the doctor for help for a woman close to him who had already been discharged from the Oncology Institute in Gliwice, for whom no more rescue was in sight.

Diagnosis: uterine cancer. A woman suffering terrible pains, no longer accepted food, no longer wanted to hear about treatment, dreamed of death. She was given a preparation in drinks. She recovered and lived for another 17 years.

Other patients began to come forward, especially those discharged as hopelessly ill from the
Institute of Oncology. To the cured, the doctor recommended that they report to the institute for tests.

The result was a letter received by the doctor on 18.I.1957, signed by the director of the institute, in which he asked the doctor to reveal a method for saving the lives of people whose days were about to be numbered. Dr. Pod bielski promptly appeared at the institute with samples of the preparation convinced that at last his micronutrients would begin to serve people on a wider scale. He was welcomed with appreciation, and promised to carry out the relevant analyses of TP-1 and TP-2. But although the doctor monitored, to this day no time has been found to do so.

Despite this, the preparation was tested. This happened because of a pair of twins, whom the mother named "children of micronutrients" as a token of gratitude to the doctor. After all, she had previously been unable to carry any pregnancies without the preparation. The parents and their twins ended up in the US years later. One of the twins went there to study biology. When she explained to a professor why her parents called her and her sister "children of micronutrients it was suggested that she submit the preparation to research. Funds and a laboratory with experimental animals were granted for this. Thanks to this, the professor received information that his preparation contains 33 elements. This was in 1976.

In the country, the doctor was still unsuccessfully knocking on the doors of offices in various institutions and the Ministry of Health with his preparation. Nowhere officially did he find recognition, only when someone was overcome by a fatal disease did he come to him - but already as a patient.

Whoever reaches Dr. Pod bielski to Miedzyrzecz, al bo to an apartment in Warsaw, where he accepts monthly for a few days this one becomes the lucky owner of micronutrients. However, how many people are able to get to the doctor? If they choose to stand in line for hours it is at most a few hundred a day.

My preparation is not an elixir of life," says Dr. Podbielski, "it is simply an aqueous solution of various microelements. I do not pretend to be a disease conqueror, I only strengthen the body's defenses, relieve pain and suffering, prolong life. TP-1 and TP-2 should be taken not only by people already crossed out by traditional medicine as incurable, it should also be used prophylactically. It is like a biogenic stimulator. That's why I don't make my achievements a secret, since 1950 I have been trying to get the official medicine interested in my discovery, unfortunately, still without response.

Perhaps a TV movie about a doctor healing with micro elements will become a breakthrough. Admittedly, anonymously but unequivocally in the film, one of the prominent scientists from Krakow stated that "currently similar preparations are already used abroad. However, the first to use cobalt salts in Poland, and probably in the world, is Tadeusz Podbielski. Since all these preparations are already properly accepted in pharmacology, nothing stands in the way of their introduction," he - stated the scientist.

Will the aged inventor live to see the time when his preparation can be purchased in a pharmacy? He and we should wish it. For now, before TP-1 and TP-2 are very hard to come by we pass on some of the doctor's recommendations:

* the patient and those around him must absolutely stop smoking, with this starting point for any treatment by the doctor,
* do not sweeten drinks,
* use a variation of drinks, such as different juices,
* cabbage juice and cabbage are particularly salutary for all gastrointestinal ailments,
* wheat bran is particularly high in micronutrients,
* maintain mental calmness at all times,
* avoid shouting and noise,
* do not eat fried meat,
* do not drink coffee,
* for rheumatic and even cancerous ailments, wrap the affected areas with copper wire.
The doctor's simple advice sounds a bit naive. However, some of the ways have been known for centuries, and all of them are supported by the documentation of healings painstakingly collected by the doctor and his wife - an associate.

Waldemar Uchman

("Express Illustrated")

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