In the footsteps of our publications, 1985.


In the footsteps of our publications

Where Dr. Podbielski accepts.

After the articles about the treatment with micronutrients, namely Tp-1 and Tp-2 - the invention of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski - the bag spilled over with letters from readers. Dozens of them flowed in.

This is understandable - for Dr. Podbielski's micronutrients are indeed sensational, and everyone - especially the incurably ill, although the action of Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations defies such a term - wants to be healthy. So I understand those readers who ask for Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's address; all the more so because, as Mrs. Genowefa Wojciechowicz of Radom writes, "these publications, so vividly presented, have caused a great impression and hopes of very unfortunate people suffering from cancer diseases...." On the other hand, I cannot agree with those readers who hold it against me that I did not give Dr. Podbielski's address, since I presented his invention so flatteringly.

So let me clarify - I wrote about the treatment with Tp-1 and Tp-2 micronutrients not to make Dr. Podbielski's name famous or to bring him patients; to this Beautiful and Good Man, both are unnecessary. If the doctor is in trouble with anything, it is with the excess of patients who knock on the door of his house. At this point I would like to remind you that a few years ago, after the broadcast of a film report entitled: "Dr. Podbielski's Micronutrients" - which we shot together with editor Grzegorz Dubowski for Warsaw television - Dr. Podbielski for some time received more than seven hundred letters a day! And not only from Poland, from abroad as well. At the time, I had something else in mind than making the doctor's name famous, namely - I wanted to interest the public in Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's invention and, above all, with this fact to interest the Ministry of Health and Welfare, so that the preparations Tp-1 and Tp-2 would be included in the register of medicines, generally available, in every pharmacy and drugstore. This is also what I am asking for today. I won't cite the arguments for such a demand, I did just that in the aforementioned publications about Dr. Podbielski in Peasant Way.

So far, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has not responded either to the articles of other journalists - Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's invention at one time received national press coverage - or to the film report mentioned above, or to my publications in our weekly. I apologize - I expressed myself imprecisely. The answer was silence. In this way, a well-known regularity has been confirmed once again - for which time in a row? A regularity that has been known for years. Here we have at our fingertips an antidote for many diseases, including cancer - which has been repeatedly confirmed by the results of treatment with Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations - and we still can't decide to introduce Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's invention into general use. Instead, we prefer to complain about the terrible state of our medical treatment and demand foreign currency for agents produced abroad. What to call such behavior? And from the letters we received after the publication of articles on the effects of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's micronutrient treatment in the Peasant Way, I have selected one - the most representative - an excerpt of which I take the liberty to quote below. Here is what Mr. Kazimierz Kulas from Miedzyrzecz Wielkopolski wrote. Yes, yes - from the same locality where Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski lives and accepts:

In the August 28 issue 35 of Peasant Ways. Year, I carefully read the article "Tp-1 and Tp-2 - or the history of the invention... which restores health" by editor Lech Życki. I also looked at the photos posted there. After reading, some thoughts came to my mind. I have lived in Miedzyrzecz Wlkp. for more than thirty years. I have known Dr. Podbielski and his wife, Sophia, for the same amount of time. Tadeusz Podbielski - is not only the inventor of the drugs Tp-1 and Tp-2, but an extraordinary man who enjoys great authority in the community. The doctor cures tumors, restores health to people disadvantaged by fate; he even cured many such patients, who, as it seemed, could not be saved, and who, after taking Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations invented by him through painstaking, long-term experiments, returned to health. The inventor always stipulates that he is not replacing conventional medicine, but supporting it by strengthening the body and activating its defense forces. I have also seen photos of children horribly tarnished by tumors. Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski attributes these pathological phenomena to, among other things, parents' smoking. And he cited an example of how a healthy and strong child suddenly became severely ill after baptism, and doctors saw no salvation for him. The distraught father drove several hundred kilometers to knock on Dr. Podbielski's door in Miedzyrzecz in the middle of the night.

* And how many people were at the christening? - asked the doctor. - Only eight," replied the distraught father. - Did everyone smoke? - Yes, all of them. - So here we have the cause of severe nicotine poisoning," Dr. Podbielski concluded. - For there are people who are highly allergic to smoke, on some - especially infants - it has a deadly effect. Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski always reminds: whoever smokes, should not come to me for advice, because he poisons his own body... I have had the opportunity to talk to Tadeusz Podbielski more than once. He is a noble, wise, balanced man. He often meets with schoolchildren and gives talks. And he always warns pregnant women: don't smoke cigarettes! Do not kill the life you carry in your wombs! I am also pleased to inform the editors of Peasant Roads that Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski received the Gorzow Land Award in 1984, as the most popular and most deserving citizen of our province. The doctor donated the prize money to the health service in our province. I am also very pleased that it was in "Peasant Way" that articles about Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski were published, to whom I wish much, much health!"

And in conclusion - fulfilling the request of readers I give the address of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski: STASZICA 5, 66-300 MIĘDZYRZECZ WLKP, Gorzów Province. I would also like to inform you that the doctor is neither able to write back to letters - this is beyond his capabilities - nor send preparations by mail. [Information out of date - Dr. Podbielski died in 1994. Micronutrients can be ordered on the site via the form www.podbielski.pl]

I would advise anyone who carries the intention of going to Miedzyrzecz Wlkp to kindly make sure by phone that the doctor has not left. A phone call should be ordered under the doctor's name, as he is such a well-known figure in Miedzyrzecz Wlkp that the local post office will not make issues with the connection. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of the telephone number of Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski in Miedzyrzecz Wlkp. First of all, I wish all future patients of the doctor a return to health and all the best.


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