Their self-portrait, 1986.

Their self-portrait

"There are still a lot of beautiful Poles left." With these words, Stanislaw Wyspianski expressed his belief in the moral values of the nation. They were among a number of other quotations, introducing the famous at one time exhibition in Krakow "Poles Self-Portrait". On it, the faces of the strongmen of spirit and deed speak our great, but also complicated history.

The ordinariness and uniqueness of the Polish soul is still the subject of meditation of our generations. After all, its bearers are also contemporary compatriots, how many of them are similar to ordinary gray pebbles lying somewhere by the roadside, which, after rubbing the dust off them, show their noble structure.
That's why I want to talk about a pair of now elderly spouses, Sophia and Tadeusz Podbielski, people close to me, whom I have known for almost a quarter of a century. Has anyone ever seen two trees, growing in symbiosis, trunk by trunk and intertwined at the top with their branches, humming twinly in the sun, and in the rain, and in the silence, and in the gale?

For me, both Podbielskis resemble such a pair of arch-Polish trees, growing together into the Polish soil. The symbiosis is even expressed in a rather unusual, because family-like, platform of ideological agreement. Mrs. Zofia has been loyal to the Democratic Party for years, and Mr. Tadeusz - also for a long time - has been a staunch peasant.

Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski, a Lomza native, comes from an old family. His great-grandfather, according to family accounts, was still standing at Grunwald. His grandfather took part in the January Uprising. Mr. Tadeusz gloriously graduated from veterinary medicine in Warsaw in 1931. Zofia Podbielska, on the other hand, comes from the Mogilnicki family from Ostroleka. Her grandfather - how their life stories coincide - was a participant in the January Uprising.

They met - he and she in 1933, two years after Mr. Tadeusz graduated from the cadet school in Grudziadz. A beautiful event followed in their lives, which has continued without a scuffle to the present day. They married out of great fondness, in which there was nothing of tumultuous flame.

He was a district veterinarian, first in Lomza, then in Kolno, she was a teacher with a deep vocation and fervently devoted to youth.

A flame of creative restlessness was constantly burning in Mr. Tadeusz. He did not limit himself only to his profession. He presided over a cooperative of agricultural casters, and was vice president of the Polish Beekeeping Association. His work bore healthy fruit - at that time people believed in what he was doing.

Suddenly came the worst, ominous thing: war! The mobilization order drafted Mr. Tadeusz into the 18th Division, which was part of the Independent Operational Group "Narew". Sophie the force of feminine forethought found herself in uniform alongside her husband, ranks of the same unit, as a nurse. When SGO "Narew" is broken up both spouses-soldiers reached the Operational Group "Polesie" commanded by General Kleeberg. In it they went through a dramatic combat route, including the battle of Wola Gułowska and the surrender.

Then there was a brief captivity, from which Mrs. Zofia managed to extricate her husband. And still later, they were absorbed in their joint work in the underground, cooperating with soldiers of the K and BCh in the Kielce region. This resulted in the successful assistance of both Podbielskis in freeing 20 Georgians from a prisoner of war camp, in the village of Lipa near Glowaczew. An echo of this episode is the cordial friendship that continues to this day with the still living Georgians, who, full of gratitude, visit Mr. and Mrs. Podbielski every year.

Shortly after the liberation of the old Piast lands, Dr. Podbielski, as one of the first settlers, settled in Miedzyrzecz Wielkopolski where he served as district veterinarian for many years. It was there, in Miedzyrzecz, that he invented the formula for his micronutrient preparations to support the human body in the fight against dangerous and debilitating diseases, the source of which is the progressive contamination of the natural environment. There are probably few people who have not heard of Dr. Podbielski's TP-1 and TP-2 preparations.

These concoctions are the long-standing passion and hope of the two Podbielski spouses, fueled by a desire to relieve the suffering. It is also the result of long-term work, numerous experiments, inquiring into the essence of the action of trace elements included in these TPs. On their subject, dozens of professional and popular scientific articles have appeared in the press, not only in our country. Because you can not go indifferently and pretend to be blind to the fact that Dr. Podbielski receives whole hundreds of thank you letters from patients without exaggeration - from all over the world.

I myself have witnessed receiving calls from patients in Madrid, New York and other cities. So the remarkable spouses are united by this common idea. They were and are faithful to each other in making it a reality. This element of creative restlessness prevalent in the doctor's nature, this calmness and balance, and faith in her husband on the part of Mrs. Sophie bring good results.

The Podbielskis know full well that there are people doomed to serious illnesses, and official medicine is not always able to help them. And to all those who are given a few weeks to live by cancer institutes, micronutrients bring a remarkable thing - hope. Dr. Podbielski has in his documentary record - in which there are both well-known names and seals of doctors, hospitals - cases, a truly remarkable reversal of the merciless disease. It is necessary to see those people who pass through the office of Dr.
Podbielski and in Warsaw and Miedzyrzecz! One needs to talk to them to appreciate the full meaning of hope.
The history of the families - and of Mrs. Zofia Podbielska and Mr. Tadeusz Podbielski wrote a common chapter at some point. I still see in both of these people a spontaneous kindness towards all patients. It has never happened to me whenever I visit them to see anyone walk away from the doctor's door without preparations.

And this human warmth, kindness to others provides a beautiful background for their portrait. A self-portrait of two Poles.

Vladimir Olszewski

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