Elements of Life, 1989.

Elements of life


The essence of prevention is to anticipate tomorrow's consequences of yesterday's actions
Julian Alexandrovich

The truth is that for 40 years no one from the scientific world has taken an interest in his preparation, which has returned strength to thousands of people. No one but the sick, often sentenced to death by official ruling.


An old, white-plastered tenement in the middle of the city. Lines of cars with registrations from different provinces are already lined up at the gate late at night. People from all over the world also come and call. They wait for hours, because this small city-town does not have its own hotel in the center, nor a place to comfortably wait out the morning. The nearest inn is 5 kilometers away, on Lake Deep, but not everyone knows about it.

The lecture takes place at noon. In the small basement of Dr. Podbielski's house.
The doctor enters through an entrance that leads directly from the apartment. He is accompanied by his family. He brings in boxes of ointments and micronutrients.

- It is not a preparation for a disease," he begins. - You still have to be under the control and care of the attending physicians. Do what they tell you to do. My Wednesday is just an enhancement of treatment. It accelerates the healing of wounds after major surgeries, improves appetite, digestion, bowel movements, circulation, regulates the nervous system, speeds up recovery, the increase in hemoglobin ensures oxygenation of the body. Provided one is a non-smoker.

Lots of patients have been coming here for many years. Joanna Czubinska from Skwierzyna unwaveringly and blindly believes in the doctor's miracle-working power. Ever since her sister developed a tumor on her brain. Doctors gave her a month to live. Ms. Joanna began to pour the preparation into her. That was two years ago and her sister, though bedridden, is alive.

So she started giving drops to the whole family. It so happened that both of her sons-in-law, being pregnant, got anemia. The micronutrients restored their "good" blood within a few weeks.

Tadeusz Polopczyk from Rawicz has been ill for nine years. Inflammation of the salivary glands and lymph nodes ended with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. He has been using Tp-1 and Tp-2 all this time, and doctors were surprised that his convalescence was going so smoothly. However, he didn't admit that he was sto suing micronutrients.
The boy on crutches rises. He walks towards the doctor. He is about 20 years old.

- It was an accident. Three years ago I was hit by a motorcycle in a wheelchair. Open fracture of the right leg in the lower leg. Six months I lay in a cast, and after tem they took to surgery. In a hospital in Kalisz they screwed in metal plates and did a graft. I walked for about two months, and then never again.
- Stroked, often stroked. Lightly, with your fingertips, as if you were playing the piano. Well, and lubricate, most Tp-2. The doctor's hands move in the air along the fracture. He does not touch the leg. - I feel lightness, freedom, something pulls the leg down.... - In two months you will come with better results.

There are two preparations, Tp-1 and Tp-2, and they differ in concentration.

[Information outdated - the preparation is now only one TP2. All current information and order form are at www.podbielski.pl]

- It doesn't interfere with doctors," the doctor reminds us, "it only assists.

Where there is no time, where every hour is important already after 3-4 days one switches to Tp-2. In addition to systematic drinking it can still be used to make poultices for painful areas, gargles for sore throat, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, ulceration, erosion, myomas, as well as inhalations and lubrication, first strong, intense, and then light, gentle. - Harrises we can all be - these words evoke absolute silence. - We just need to know how to take care of our health.


It started right after the war. The Provincial Veterinary Office from Poznań commissioned him to organize a veterinary service in Miedzyrzecz.

Immediately at the beginning, he noticed that in some localities, despite the fertile grasslands, the cattle looked lousy. All the means available at the time to improve its condition were ineffective, and even worsened the condition. He took samples of soil, straw and grass and sent them to the Institute of Soil Science and Fertilization in Poznan. After just two weeks, the mystery was solved. The soil lacked cobalt, copper and magnesium.
On his own, he obtained the ingredients to make the preparation. The result was a patent, the "doctor's secret" filed and forgotten forever in the Patent Office.

First, he administered micronutrients to animals suffering from skin warts. The effects were surprising. Within days, the overall condition improved. And then he wondered if micronutrients could be just as effective for humans.

- He tried it on himself," says his wife, Sophia Podbielska. - Every day after a drop, then .a teaspoon. I tell him, Tadziu if something should happen to you, I have to be with you. I drank the remedy with him.


After several years, Podbielski stood trial. And it was caused by an article by Józefa Radzyminska, who wrote in a magazine intended for the Polish community abroad: "Thousands of people owe him their health and lives." There was no need for more, because our law does not allow people without credentials to practice medicine. The accused defended himself, without the help of a lawyer. Dozens of witnesses were interviewed. Those cured, against whom medicine proved helpless. More than a thousand letters of thanks were found with him. Walking their trail did not show that he had harmed anyone. Nevertheless, the justification for the acquittal sounded ambiguous.


The Międzyrzecz medical community generally treats Podbielski's preparation with a pinch of salt. It does no harm, but it can't help much either. When asked for their opinion, doctors unanimously claim that they do not personally know a patient who has been cured thanks to the vet's drops, nor do they know one who would be harmed by them. Aleksander Zielonka, director of the Międzyrzecz ZOZ and at the same time a national specialist in health organization, describes himself as a friend of Dr. Podbielski. Although he himself is in the company that promotes a return to natural methods of taking care of one's own health, he doesn't believe too much in the doctor's micronutrients.

As a doctor, he knows that there are forms of cancer that result entirely precisely from a deficiency of
micronutrients. With regular supplementation, the symptoms of the disease can disappear, which does not mean that the cancer has been thrown out of the body. Tp-1, Tp-2 preparations are great as a supplement to treatment.


Not much can be said about Dr. Podbielski's preparation from a scientific point of view. To date, no Polish scientific institution has thoroughly studied it. Despite the fact that this phenomenon has been talked about for more than 40 years.

In 1976, the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology of Warsaw issued: a ruling:
Having reviewed the material on micronutrients for oncological diseases, it is concluded that nothing more can be said on the basis of these data about the effects of these substances on the animal and human bodies (....) One can draw the conclusion that cobalt salts (cobalt chloride) have an effect on simple oxidation reactions, they act similarly to an enzyme (...) Creating a precedent (the use of these substances in the clinic) giving, in a sense, "scientific support" for the activities of Dr. Podbielski would open the way for similar cases... Signed by Doctors. med. jozef Zborzil, Zbigniew Wronkowski and Piotr Siedlecki.

Dr. Podbielski is not giving up. He will admit it himself that he is not a scientist, an expert, but over these many years he has read so much on the subject, performed so much on his own and on his own skin to benefits, that he cannot be treated as a layman.

In conjunction with the Medical Academy in Warsaw and the Polish Academy of Sciences, he is conducting experiments on the effects of elements on pathogenic bacteria. The work is extensive, supported by scientific evidence, but has been unpublishable for many years. Je dyna, a fairly complete analysis of the chemical composition of Tp-1 and Tp-2 preparations was conducted by the American Whiterberg University in 1976.

Dr. Podbielski was also invited 30 years ago to the Oncology Clinic in Gliwice. The director there was bullishly surprised that his patient ki, whose hopeless condition he remembered, came forward whole and healthy after several years, those years gained by the invigorating effects of micronutrients. The doctor's visit to Gliwice was to be the start of research on mice. It had been three decades since he got an answer.

"The Peasant Way" last September (No. 36) posted the opinions of two scientists from the Biophysics and Biochemistry Laboratory of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Professor Wanda Barbara Borzemska conducted research on sick hens, which, from a veterinary point of view, should have been eradicated. - After the hens were given Podbielski's preparation," she says, "unusually traits were revealed in chicks hatched from the eggs of sick hens. A number of pathological conditions disappeared, primarily skeletal deformities.


- My preparation could have been available in pharmacies for decades," believes Dr. Podbielski. - All my struggle has been in vain. After all, I don't demand for myself, and so I live a long time. With today's state of the environment, irrational and inadequate nutrition, micronutrients are essential for the body. After many years of experience, I arrived at the ideal composition myself. No one wanted to help me with this. Tp-1 and Tp-2 contain, among other things, salts of cobalt, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and many other elements. It is a set of microsols. I get the necessary ingredients from the chemical headquarters, although often with great difficulty. The subjunctive effect is that vitamin B12 is or with cobalt molecules, which enriches it, which in turn strengthens the body's defenses.

The name for the preparation was invented by a journalist, also a patient of Tadeusz Pod bielski. He titled his article "It helps." And so it has remained. Although malicious people associate the name with the initials of the doctor.

Recently in the West, homeopathic treatments with doses of mineral salts and metals have been described as a fanatical fad. Even special pharmacological companies have been established to deal with this area alone. Not only cobalt alone, but also copper, mag nez, iron and even gold are being ingested, and with good results.

In Poland, unconventional methods of treatment are still being pulled up under the common denominator of quackery and charlatanry.

The case of veterinarian Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski of Miedzyrzecz is a prime example of the ineffective fight against bureaucracy in our country.


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