Drugs of Bitter Hope, 1989.

Sea and Land
21.12.1988 - 3.01.1989 r.

Drugs of bitter hope

The Międzyrzec loner is still not giving up.
The effects of nearly forty years of experience
keep his spirits up, though they do not pierce the
the shell of doubt of official medicine.

They gathered in a specially arranged room in the basement. Conspirators of hope. Some came from near Lodz. Some came from Cracow. People also came from Szczecin, Gorzow and Poznan ....
In a moment Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski will enter. He will yell at those who are stuck in the smoking habit. He will say that one must not neglect systematic contacts with the doctor, taking officially prescribed drugs, constant checks at health clinics or hospitals. And then about what his preparations called TP-1 and TP-2 are. What role micronutrients play in the proper functioning of the body and strengthening its immune forces.

And so for nearly forty years. When I spoke to him about the legalization of the preparation in the eighty-second, and his apartment in Miedzyrzecz in Gorzowsk was haunted by crowds of people at almost any time of the day or night, he was still full of optimism. It was optimism as justified as possible by the sensational results of years of experience. Real, often dramatic stories of human suffering that had been alleviated. Diseases for which officially medicine no longer found a chance for a cure, and which - after the application of TP regressed or alleviated. Dozens of press publications, an interesting TV report in the eighty-third. Dozens of thanks and letters coming to the doctor from Miedzyrzecz. Almost all of Poland knows about Podbielski's preparation.

And yet, when I ask him the question again today: what's next? I hear already less optimistic: "Unfortunately, still official medicine is not interested in this, it is difficult to break through. I have rather little hope. Well, still in the medical bulletin in Katowice now appeared an article by docent Kaszuba. Still "Peasant Way" recently wrote about him on the occasion of my 85th anniversary, but officially nothing is happening around the preparation. Maybe now that the Rakovsky government has energetically set to work, something will move? I don't know anymore, and for now - I'm helping people." Letters speak of this help. Those who had little hope for a cure and for whom official medicine was helpless speak out. Also doctors. One of them, Wlodzimierz G. from Lodz, wrote about a case of lung cancer diagnosed in his mother-in-law. She was 71 years old at the time: "I would like to inform you that the medicines recommended by you have proven to be very effective. In our mother .... radiologically there were lesions found in the left lung... Due to old age, bronchoscopy was not performed. After a year of taking the drug, there was a significant improvement in the sense of lowering the OB., improving the patient's appetite and mood. After two years, no changes were found on the lung radiograph. I sincerely thank you for the help shown to the mother..."

Another doctor, Dr. K. He used Dr. Podbielski's preparation in a small oncology hospital. After several weeks, he stated, among other things: "In two cases of gastric ulceration in patients with 15 years of suffering, I found excellent improvement, bordering on recovery, and in a very short time of about three weeks..."

And this has been heard all over Poland. From a TV report entitled. "Dr. Podbielski's Micronutrients," broadcast on December 11, 1983, I noted on the tape a man's statement: "My son attended the fifth grade of elementary school. During a PE lesson they played soccer. He was a goalkeeper, was hit, fell. He lost his eyesight. Complete paralysis of his right arm and right leg. He lost his memory... He got to the eye clinic in Poznan. After which to the clinic on Przybyszewskiego Street. And there it was found - a tumor... Surgery was no longer possible... After another month he lost his sight completely. Discharged from the hospital, it was determined that he would live from three days to a month. After that, we went to Mr. Dr. Podbielski. He came to see us personally... and recommended micronutrients and massages. He personally did these massages, and recommended that we do them as well. I did my son myself during those headaches. Well, and after three months, he regained 40 percent (efficiency - note B.S.) in his left eye, and sixty percent in his right eye. He regained power in his right arm and leg, and could move on his own. We went to the sea and after a month he was already walking on his own. After eight months he went to school, he studied very well..."

People come and talk about "miraculous" healings. From mouth to mouth they give each other real and almost sensational news about how they regained their faith in life thanks to the micronutrients of Doctor of Veterinary Sciences - Tadeusz Podbielski from Miedzyrzecz. They overcame a disease for which official medicine proved helpless. He himself can show photos, in which on the one hand the leg that was stricken with cancer, and on the other the same - cured limb after several weeks of treatment with TP. Unfortunately, Dr. Podbielski is a humble, provincial veterinarian. He does not have a staff of researchers. He doesn't have a large, officially operating laboratory or his own clinic. Although he is in contact with many people of science and medical practice, although he experiences gestures of "unofficial" recognition from time to time, for almost forty years he has been waging a lonely battle for the approval of the preparation for general use, nothing has yet happened in the case of TP-1 and TP-2 to indicate that at least a serious research machine has been set in motion, as is the case (thanks, among other things, to the mass media) with the well-known preparation of Professor Stanislaw Tolpa of Wroclaw.

But the Interzone loner is not giving up. He is convinced that he is right. The effects of nearly forty years of experience keep his spirits up, even though the positive finale of this struggle seems so distant as to be almost unreal. And it all began after the war, when he and his inseparable life companion, Sophia, found themselves in Miedzyrzecz. A former resident of Lomza (she was also from there), a district veterinarian in that city and later in Kolno, as well as she - a participant in the September campaign, which they both ended in the Battle of Kock, the last battle of that campaign, in the ranks of the independent operational group "Polesie" commanded by General Franciszek Kleeberg, lieutenant of lancers - Tadeusz Podbielski and his wife - here in Miedzyrzecz found their life's haven and opportunity. It was here that the road to success began, with Sophia serving him as a "laboratory guinea pig" in the process.

In 1945, he came to Miedzyrzecz directed by the provincial veterinary office in Poznan to organize a veterinary service here. One of the few professionals in this field at the time. "I came here, like many other settlers from across the Bug River, from Poznañ or Kielce," he said. Already at the beginning of his work he noticed that in some villages, such as Wysoka, Brzoza, Ransko and others, despite the fact that the farmers there had excellent meadows, the cattle were sickly, losing weight and "losing milk yield." He took a closer interest in this phenomenon. He decided to find out the causes. Although he administered all the remedies possible at the time and available, there was no effect. And that's when he came to the conclusion that there must be something missing in the soil. So he took samples of this soil, straw and grass and, with the help of a "willful person," i.e. his wife, sent this to the Institute of Soil Science and Fertilization in Poznan. Sophia Podbielska now says: "And when the result came after a week, we learned that there were serious deficiencies of cobalt, copper and magnesium. My husband searched in various cities for these ingredients, and when he got them, he started making preparations."

These were long and arduous experiments. Their final result - a patent filed with the Patent Office, a secret of the doctor. Sophia Podbielska will say later: :First he tried it on himself. He drank a teaspoon, and so did I. I say that if something should happen to you, I must be with you, Tadzio. In this preparation there was, among other things, Cobalt. Yes, we read that cobalt is toxic and is only used in dyeing. Well, but we drank it for a few days and it turned out that it did not harm us, and in fact - our well-being clearly improved".

One day, a farmer from the village brought a large pig to the census in Miedzyrzecz. She was very emaciated. She was not accepted at the sale. Podbielski bought her for experience. Mrs. Zofia: "I put her in the crib and started giving her food, but the pig didn't want to eat at all. It just lay on its side. The first day I gave her a teaspoon of cobalt in black coffee and poured it into her mouth. The next day more. She began to eat a little at a time, while after a few days she rose. The result was that after a year I had thirteen piglets from her."

To this day, some older local farmers still remember Dr. Podbielski's experience. One of them will say: "We came with cattle, 12 families, but the cattle here were losing weight quickly. We were looking for some kind of remedy. And then Dr. Podbielski brought some medicine of his own and told us to administer it. Already after two weeks a big improvement was visible. In my case, the heifer was two years old and weighed maybe 150 kilos, she didn't grow, only her head was big, she was very skinny. After this medicine she already weighed 500 kilos....

And that, for Dr. Podbielski, was the impetus to keep looking. He thought that if micronutrients help animals, then - perhaps - they will become a lifesaver for people? Once someone got some of the preparation, another time someone else did. "Miracles" began to multiply. They had nothing to do with magic. They were the experimentally verified result of scientific research, inquiries into the relationships of the environment, soil, plants, water and animal and human organisms. Traveling through villages for his practice as an animal doctor, and later also as a human doctor, Podbielski discovered a recurring truth: where he was called to sick animals, people also often became ill. In one village, for example, out of seven mothers as many as six were regular patients of the health center for various female ailments.

He excelled in this knowledge and perfected his preparation... And it did not take long to wait, and the Podbielski apartment in Miedzyrzecz began to be besieged by crowds of people. Those who were helped by the TP preparation and those who, unbeknownst to them, learned about the salutary effects of Dr. Podbielski's micronutrients. There was also a court case about the fact that " ... not having the authorization to treat people," the district court in Miedzyrzecz did not find signs of a crime, and the justification for this judgment was the statement: "It is the property of a sick person to protect his health by all means available to him, and the medicines used by Dr. Podbielski bring relief to the sick, for which he has evidence in the form of numerous thanks from patients, and the results of his research have been published in numerous scientific papers...." The conflict with official medicine then turned out to be an apparent conflict.

This apparent conflict, however, continues to this day. The modest doctor from Miedzyrzecz, Dr. Podbielski, continues to be approached by people from all over Poland, whom traditional medicine can often no longer effectively help, against whom it is helpless. People who believe, and in many cases have personally experienced it, that Podbielski's TP-1 and TP-2 preparations are the last chance for them. That they have repeatedly restored health to those who left hospitals without any hope....

At the same time, Dr. Podbielski says: "I do not cure. TP preparations are not typical medicines. I only supplement the lack in the human body of micronutrients necessary for its proper functioning. It is their lack that is the cause of many diseases of civilization." Just as for one of the pioneers of ecological prophylaxis in Poland, the recently deceased Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz, also for Dr. Podbielski from Miedzyrzecz - a pioneer of ecological prophylaxis in practical application, working on this issue for nearly 40 years - this problem is one of the key issues of modern medicine.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski's TP preparation is often used to save their own health by prominent Polish doctors, politicians, government functionaries, officers, etc., i.e. people who themselves have experienced or are experiencing on themselves the often unusual effects of its action, the modest doctor from Miedzyrzecz, so far, has not managed to get higher with them. Beyond the wall of indifference or dislike, beyond the "Polish hell" of impossibility. Among the few who support his efforts is Associate Professor Stanislaw Grabiec of the Biochemistry and Biophysics Laboratory of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He told a TV reporter in 1983, among others: "The micronutrients proposed by Dr. Podbielski were the subject of a study in our laboratory. The idea was to see what the physiological activity and physiological tolerance of these preparations is like. It turned out that they have a tremendous catalytic capacity. This is important because in the respiratory processes of each cell, the so-called respiratory cycle enzymes play a decisive role.

Enzymes are always proteins, so they are easily inactivated, poisoned, while the preparations proposed by Dr. Podbielski are small molecules and are not inactivated. They easily penetrate cell walls. Their activity is much higher than enzymatic activity. This was a big surprise to us. We tested this with very sophisticated, modern methods and found that we always got the same reproducible result. The role of micronutrients in medicine is underestimated. Dr. Podbielski adopted a completely different concept of treatment: not the treatment of individual elements of the living organism, but the whole person... " But I must emphasize that these preparations are not classical medicines, that is, they do not act on a specific disease unit. They just act on the whole organism. I would rather call it a biogenic stimulant. Similar medicines are used abroad, however, the first in Poland to use (and I believe in the world) precisely cobalt salts for treatment was Dr. Podbielski..." (Quote Derived from the tape recording of a television broadcast, aired on December 11, 1983).

And later, Doc. Dr. Grabiec further said: "However, in our country, we still face serious resistance. Perhaps they are due to overly complicated, bureaucratic customs in registering drugs. Since, however, all of these preparations are already properly accepted in pharmacology, nothing stands in the way of introducing Dr. Podbielski's TP preparation into medicine as well."

When I talk to Dr. Podbielski today, he is still able to talk enthusiastically still about his preparation. But already with increasing resignation and reluctance about the bureaucracy that prevents him from taking that one final step toward full success, which would be TP registration. Meanwhile, people continue to come from all over Poland for the preparation. Also from abroad. The doctor and social worker from Miedzyrzecz patiently explains, explains... And nothing changes.

He recalls his great late ally, Professor Julian Alexandrovich. It was he who wrote in one of his works on the borderline between medicine and philosophy: " We know quite a lot about the fate of medical discoveries, if only from anecdotal accounts of the history of medicine. We know how many discoveries medicine owes to non-doctors, how many discoveries made by some doctors others destroyed or delayed their implementation in practice..." This is demonstrated, among other things, by the case of Dr. Podbielski.

Podbielski now says to me modestly that he believes in the Rakovsky government.

Bronislaw Slomka

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