Mystery TP, 1983.


Secret TP

What does a person who has lost hope of being cured by conventional methods do? He looks for unconventional ones, seeing them as a last resort. They generally do not interfere with the therapy recommended by official medicine, and sometimes support it effectively with the consent and knowledge of doctors. This is the case with the activities of Clive Harris, several native bioenergotherapists, as well as Dr. Tadeusz Pod bielski. The latter also uses his bioenergetic properties to treat patients, but they are not what drives the crowds to his home in Miedzyrzecz. The magnet is micronutrients.
In 1945, veterinarian Tadeusz Podbiel ski (he received his doctorate in 1971) was sent to the Western Territories to organize a state veterinary service there.

-I noticed that the cows brought by the resettlers were breaking their legs, losing weight and even starving to death while standing up to their waist in the juicy grass. This phenomenon occurred with particular intensity in the village of High Birch. I sent soil samples for testing and what turned out.

The doctor shows a yellowed sheet of paper with an analysis from the Institute of Fertilization and Soil Science in Poznan. Copper and cobalt were found to be missing from the soil and only traces of manganese. The missing micronutrients were imported by the doctor and made into medicines. - I could not experiment on cows , because cobalt is a poison. If one had died, I would have been accused of sabotage. After all, it was 1950 - I had to account for every dead cow. So I decided to try it out on myself. My wife saw and in a shout: if we are to die, it's together. Give me one, too. Well, and we didn't die.

On the cows the medicine had a salutary effect they began to gain weight and give more milk. Encouraged by the success, the doctor thought: it helped cattle, it should help people, and looked around the homesteads. And it wasn't good with people either, they had no appetite, women suffered from chronic headaches, children developed late. Repeatedly, the therapy proved successful Dr. Podbielski quickly concluded that micronutrients arm people to fight disease by supplementing normal treatment.

The medicine that patients receive is housed in two tiny bottles: the first contains cobalt salts, the second contains salts of cobalt, iron and copper, magnesium, zinc and others. - The effects vary, the doctor says. - Some people have already expelled stones after just three days, that's how well it works on the kidneys. It improves appetite and digestion, blood, nerves and general well-being. There is an increase in red corpuscles, and therefore oxygen. The more oxygen, the stronger the body is in the fight against disease.

With hypoxia, all kinds of diseases spread, especially arthritis, rheumatism and cancer. Oxygen and iron kill germs. And the medicine dilates the arterioles in the affected areas, allowing increased portions of tle nu into them. There is only one condition: no cigarette smoking.
The doctor considers cigarettes the most dangerous enemy of mankind. And as proof, she presents photos of the offspring of smokers with horrific cancerous tumors. - She smoked during pregnancy and please this is what her child looks like. She is a criminal! Once a young engineer from Wroclaw came to me for a medicine for a 5-month-old baby. They held a christening, and the next day the baby was taken to the clinic moribund. I asked how many smokers were at the party. He counted eight. He invited the immediate family to murder the child! These things need to be talked about loudly, so that everyone knows what awaits them. If someone smokes at home, that one there is no health. There is not and can not be. what does a cigarette do? narrows the blood vessels inhibiting the flow of blood to areas affected by disease. Who does not smoke, does not sit in the smoke, it is as if he smoked.

The drug is used not only for drinking. It can be used to make poultices, inhalations, gargles and irrigations.
- I've had some astonishing cases. A woman from our province after eleven miscarriages had already lost hope for a child She started to drink it, made a few rinses and what? Her daughter is now a high school graduate. In America I have a professor friend who had similar problems. I sent her the medicine and she gave birth to twin girls. One of them graduated in biology.

While in college, she told her professor that she was a child of micronutrients. The university gave her a scholarship and created the conditions to lead to benefits. The results turned out to be sensational.
Dr. Podbielski applied for many years to conduct a similar study in Poland, and finally got down to it himself. He published the results in the Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences and disseminated them at numerous scientific symposia. He continues to do so with great passion to this day, trying to get official medicine interested in the drug.

In 1979, Prof. Koszarowski stated in an interview with "Literature":
"Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski, who conducted research on animals, also has many attestations from people who somehow after could. However, this modest and very reliable man stipulates that when taking micronutrients, official therapy should not be interrupted. Recently, a series of studies on micronutrients was conducted at the Institute of Experimental Biology. It turned out that disturbances in micronutrient metabolism cause immune disorders in the body...."

However, the specialists who examined the drug ruled:
"Creating a precedent (the use of these sub-stances in the clinic) giving confirmation to Dr. Tadeusz Podbielski that these preparations really have therapeutic value and giving, in a sense, 'scientific support' to Dr. Podbielski's actions would open the way for similar cases...."
Meanwhile, news of the miracle cure has spread throughout the country and crowds are drawn to Dr. Podbielski. His fame began with the cure of a dog suffering from cancer. A paramedic who witnessed the -udar treatment with suggested that the doctor take care of his neighbor who was dying of cancer. It worked out this one lived another 17 years. Traveling to Warsaw for check-ups, she told other patients how she had been cured. People started clamoring for the drug, seeing it as a last chance.

In 1956, the press became interested in the drug. A journalist from Głos Wielkopolski was skeptical. Gathering opinions about the doctor's activities, he visited the local party secretary. He asked him what he thought about the veterinarian curing people. - To tell the truth, he and I were helped, the secretary replied - I was treated in Poznan and nothing. Podbielski gave me his medicine and look, Comrade Editor, I am healthy and working.

Press publications were increasing. In 1966, after an article entitled. "Who are you, Dr. P.?", published in the Zielona Gora Gazeta, Mr. and Mrs. Pod Bielske experienced a real invasion. People pushed through doors and windows. The docs retorted to Warsaw. Here the doctor set about writing an elaboration to the Minister of Health. The minister listened, invited him for another interview, but he soon died. Before returning to Miedzyrzecz, the doctor went up to the provincial pro superintendent to ask for such a paper: "For taking Dr. P. to treat people." But the prosecutor refused. In 1967, the doctor heard from the ministry that he was to keep an eye on the cattle and not stick his nose into human affairs - But could I remain just a veterinarian anymore?

A visit to the prosecutor turned out to be prophetic. The doctor's activities attracted the interest of the militia. More than 100 letters from patients at home and abroad were seized, as well as a notebook with the doctor's notes. It took two years of interrogation of the deluded. finally a trial took place. The doctor was accused of treating people and selling drugs without authorization. The doctor did not have a lawyer, he defended himself, or rather he was defended by patients and their letters.

He was acquitted, and the justification for the ruling was a veritable panegyric in his honor, as:
"he acted selflessly without demanding payment for the medicines he used, he was guided by humanitarian motives, knowing that the medicines he used brought relief to people, for which he had evidence in the form of numerous letters of thanks from patients...."

Even doctors gave patients prescriptions for his specifics, and he treated it as an adjunct to the treatment recommended by doctors. He also made no effort to recruit patients.
"It was not his fault that the reporting of sensational news in the press caused a huge influx of people, and not only the uninformed, but those holding high scientific, military and other positions..."

The doctor often finds out that he helped someone only years later. The patient registry is not pro waged, because it is beyond his capabilities. Letters from patients show that the drug is good for everything. However, common sense dictates skepticism: miracle cures do not exist. Letters of thanks, on the other hand, are written by those who have recovered. The rest are silent, and this silent majority speaks, against all appearances, more in favor of the drug. After all, there is no, evidence that the drug has harmed anyone, and the basic principle of medicine is: primum non nocere.

Prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz, speaking in 1975 about the drug, stated in the pages of the People's Daily: Dr. Podbielski honestly presented his drugs to me, proposing to use them for my patients. An analysis of these peculiarities was carried out by the Institute of Forensic Expertise and it showed: that they contain in certain proportions bio-elements like cobalt, zinc; magnesium. Unfortunately, clinical trials could not be carried out because the drugs proposed by Dr: Podbielski did not receive the approval stipulated by the Institute of Medicine for their use in practice.

This seems to be a pity, because I know of several facts, admittedly only from third-party stories - authoritative nonetheless - when Dr. Podbielski's treatment helped, and never harmed.
In my opinion, no initiative that aims to bring relief to the suffering should be condemned, especially when we doctors are powerless. After all, Pasteur wasn't a doctor either, and we know that medicine owes a lot to him."

Associate Professor Stanislaw Grabiec, head of the biochemistry and biophysics laboratory of the Department of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, stated in the report "Podbielski's Micronutrients" printed in the Reporter's Express that medicine is not a preparation against specific diseases, but serves to increase the body's immunity. And this is probably the crux of the matter. So why has there been no official interest in the drug until now?

The Polish drug registration system is very strict, and praise for it. The drug must first be tested in experiments with animals, then on randomly selected groups of patients. The tests are so complicated that without the pharmaceutical industry, no clinician will undertake them because it is the industry that evaluates many important parameters of a drug. In the case of micronutrients, it's probably worth the risk of conducting the study.

Dr. Podbielski collects favorable reviews and promises that are later kept, but he does not lose hope. He has turned 80 and is himself an excellent advertisement for his drug. - If I were a medical doctor, the case would probably be different," he says and immediately smiles because TP - the drug that bears his initials also has a good effect on well-being.

Author: Ewa Dobrowolska

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