Władysława Trzcińska, Bielsko-Biała, 31 October 2020

In 1990, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the reproductive organs, she had to undergo surgery. The doctor said her life expectancy with this cancer was up to 2 years. My friend told me that in Międzyrzecz Wielkopolski there was a doctor who had invented a cure for all diseases, including cancer. I took a train from Bielsko-Biała and attended his lecture. I brought TP2, the stronger one, to my mum. She took it with other medications and lived for over 8 more years. She died in 1999. Also, I took TP2, after which my erosions and moles disappeared. I also take this medicine as a preventive measure. I recommend this medicine to my friends who are suffering from cancer. You drink it in addition to the medications from your doctor.

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