TP2 Microelements

TP2 Microelements by Dr Podbielski

Dr Tadeusz Podbielski spent 50 years perfecting the composition, form and methods of application of TP2 microelements.

Microelements, according to the formula by Dr Podbielski, are defined as a biogenic stimulator that strengthens the immune system, contributing to the inhibition of diseases.

The TP2 product strengthens the body's defences, which has an impact on the fight against many diseases, including cancer.

The effect of TP2 microelements

Dr Franciszek Chmielewski referred to numerous examples from his own medical practice, when all medicines and medical knowledge failed, and patients suffering from incurable cancers and other diseases, when treated with Dr Podbielski’s microelements, regained strength and often fully recovered. (Gazeta Lubuska, Monday, 28 March 1988)


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