T.T.G., Piła, undated

My husband and I are greatly appreciative of the tp-1 and tp-2 microelements from Dr T. Podbielski and we are very grateful, all the more so because in 1984 I was personally in Międzyrzecz and listened to an interesting lecture by Dr Podbielski on this subject. And since then, my family and I have been taking these products all the time. Thanks to these microelements, we maintain good health and do not have cancer. I would also like to mention that a dozen or so years ago, thanks to taking these products, my uterine fibroids were reduced to a minimum and I avoided surgery. And they recently helped my husband to treat and decrease the size of his prostate and his PSA results improved, which helped avoid a biopsy. And we still want to use the TP-2 microelements offered by your foundation, for which we thank you very much in advance.

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