P. Dobrzyn, Slupsk, November 24, 2020

After checking the effect of TP on my own body I recommended it to my family and friends. So as not to write too much, I will describe a peculiar case. So, my uncle had an operation on his prostate. After the surgery it turned out that it was a malignant cancer - melanoma; when his son told me about it during a telephone conversation I was very worried, because my uncle was only 62 atthat time. Not thinking much, I rushed to help by providing him with TP. While in the hospital, accompanied by his son, we talked to the head of the ward, who told us that it was the last stage of cancer and there was neither medicine nor a doctor who could cure my uncle. After three days my uncle was discharged from hospital and immediately started taking TP, which immediately had a very positive effect on his mood and my uncle started to recover. When I visited him after 6 weeks he was very happy and satisfied, he looked like a completely healthy man, but unfortunately the cancer had already ravaged his body and my uncle died twenty months after taking TP. I would like to mention that my uncle stopped taking morphine after four months. When he met the doctor who had performed the surgery three or four months earlier, he was shocked that my uncle was alive. As far as I'm concerned, as I also used TP, I will just say that I had a surgery for a liver cancer (malignant) in 2018, which was a result of being infected by hepatitis C virus in 1989. Knowing about it half a year before, I applied TP-2, which had a very good effect, because just three days after such major surgery I was discharged from the hospital, without any discharge from the wound (which was longer than 30 cm). I underwent some tests for cancer markers which were negative, I currently take TP as a preventive measure, intermittently. Over these 20 years I have brought very many TP products for my family and friends, who were very pleased with their effects. I believe that TP should be used in all hospitals as a product that strengthens the body before and after surgery. Well, I have known the microelements for over 20 years, moreover, I have used them, and thanks to that I am still alive and physically fit, despite the fact that I'm 67 and I still work running a business in the difficult construction industry. I can definitely confirm that microelements have helped and continue to help me in my daily life. I've had many illnesses in those 20 years, but that was only due to improper treatment by doctors. They include bronchitis and pneumonia, which caused my body's immune system to be flushed out as a result of my frequent illnesses. After analysis of those problems, I came to the conclusion that my health and life were at stake and I needed to gain knowledge about other forms of protection besides the chemical medicine which was used in the wrong way by many doctors. I accidentally found out that there are some microelements that cleanse and support the body, so without thinking much I started to act, which brought unexpected results.

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