Lidia, Zielona Góra, October 21, 2020

I haven't experienced it myself, but my husband told me about a lump on his neck that he got rid of in three months, he made compresses with TP 2. On the other hand, I saw how the compresses worked on an irregular growth on my calf. Only a discoloration on the skin is left. My husband told me about his friend's father who had bowel cancer. This man drank a lot of alcohol. They discharged him from the hospital with the information that he had three months to live. He stopped drinking, made TP 2 belly compresses, and survived another 10 years. He started drinking again, stopped using the compresses, and died. I am a widow, my husband met the doctor personally, he used to go to see him in Miedzyrzecz. I hope that this information will be helpful. Greetings, Lidia

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