TP2 Microelements

TP2 Microelements by Dr Podbielski

Dr Tadeusz Podbielski spent 50 years perfecting the composition, form and methods of application of TP2 microelements.

Microelements, according to the formula by Dr Podbielski, are defined as a biogenic stimulator that strengthens the immune system, contributing to the inhibition of diseases.

The TP2 product strengthens the body's defences, which has an impact on the fight against many diseases, including cancer.

The effect of TP2 microelements

Dr Franciszek Chmielewski referred to numerous examples from his own medical practice, when all medicines and medical knowledge failed, and patients suffering from incurable cancers and other diseases, when treated with Dr Podbielski’s microelements, regained strength and often fully recovered. (Gazeta Lubuska, Monday, 28 March 1988)

Stories of people

I have known these microelements for more than 20 years, I have taken them for various diseases and I still take them. Moreover, my family and friends have also taken them and they are really satisfied with how effective they are. I think they should be used in all hospitals and recommended by GPs. We would be much healthier and richer then.

J.D., Słupsk, 9 August 2021

I ordered the product for my sister who suffers from carcinoid, her condition was severe, we had no hope left, she was unconscious, in hospital she was only administered some drips and sent home. Her daughter started to give her the tp2 product, there was a reaction after just a few days, today her CT results came back, there are no infiltrations, no metastases, the disease has stopped, the doctor said that it has even regressed a little. If it wasn\'t for the woman from the herbal shop who gave me the contact details to the foundation, my sister would not be with us. I am very grateful

A.K., Poznań, 23 July 2021

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent salvage surgery, when the tumour was removed from my breast, followed by radiation therapy. Since I fell ill, I have paid close attention to a healthy lifestyle, meaning proper nutrition and the use of immune-boosting herbs. I ordered TP2 microelements from you in February this year, I am currently taking my second pack and feel very good. I have normal test results and the breast ultrasound shows no recurrence. In addition, I’m taking this product due to chronic gastritis. I am currently waiting for a follow-up gastroscopy. Your microelements are worth recommending.

K.A., Poznań, 19 July 2021

In 2004 I had a right-sided mastectomy, in 2020 some nodules in my lungs were found, 28×13×13 previously 34×17×12, and 11×6 previously 14×8. After I took two bottles of TP2 microelements, the nodules have shrunk. I also suffer from very severe asthma. I have only been taking TP2 microelements, I have not had any other medications to reduce my nodules, so the microelements work and they help me.

Nużczyńska, Zabrze, 27 April 2021

My family has been using TP1 and TP2 microelements since the 1970s. First they went to Warsaw to buy them for my aunt, then to Międzyrzecz. There I had the opportunity to listen to Dr Podbielski’s lecture. TP1 and TP2 have been used in my family for a long time not only to treat cancer but to strengthen the body and to treat inflammation on the skin. Since the 1980s, they have been used mainly by my brother, who was diagnosed with early stage cancer in the area of the nose. He adds TP1 and TP2 to meals and tea. He has recently used it topically to treat dermatitis of Erysipelas origin. Naturally, he consults his family doctor about these diseases. Thank you for the opportunity to use these products. 

M.R., Kwidzyn, 17 March 2021

The story of my father: at the age of 67 in 1981, he was diagnosed with a fist-sized pancreatic tumour, he could not take food, he would vomit anything, and he was referred for surgery. It was found that the tumour was inoperable and because it blocked the exit from the stomach, bypass anastomosis was performed to open the way to the intestines, which gave the possibility of nutrition; however, the prognosis of survival was 3 to 6 months. With such a prognosis, the family began to look for other methods, and so they found the methods and the TP1 and TP2 preparations of Dr Podbielski, and used them according to the recommendations. After 2 weeks, the body began to recover and within a few months my father fully recovered, the tumour was no longer palpable, and the digestive system functioned without complaints. My father took the recommended doses of the TP products as a preventive measure for the rest of his life, that is for 27 years, and he died at the age of 94. 

B.B., Sopot, 15 March 2021

Hello there, my 64-year-old mum who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for 24 years and who is in a wheelchair, has been taking the Microelements. She feels better after taking Doctor Podbielski\'s products and the disease is not progressing so quickly. I also give the product to my 16-year-old daughter because she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six months ago, and her blood sugar levels are better after taking the doctor\'s product. We are grateful that we can have the opportunity to use Dr Podbielski’s Microelements. Best regards from Sweden :)

Lucyna Grocholska, Gothenburg, 13 March 2021

Your minerals work surprisingly well. During a strong viral infection, thanks to these products I got back on my feet in two days. It is unbelievable how powerful they are. Clearing the upper respiratory tract of bronchial secretions was made easier. Treatment with minerals speeded up the course of the disease. I\'mimpressed. I’m grateful to a friend of mine for recommending TP2 to me, completely by accident. I believe in their power because I have tested them myself. I recommend them to everyone. I cordially greet and thank the inventor, Dr Podbielski. 

Jarosław Szeniawski, Pińczów, 13 March 2021

I am 72 years old and I am from Konin. I visited Dr Podbielski in Międzyrzecz when he was still alive. I visited the doctor together with my 5- or 6-year-old son, who is now 50. There was a taxi from Swarzędz there, because someone had already been waiting there, and we were right after them in line. Later, a lot of people came. After 9 o\'clock the doctor opened the door and let everyone in. He had his microelements on his desk and talked about them, then the doctor\'s wife brought them in boxes and everyone came up to get the microelements. I am using the microelements to this day, I make compresses with them, they help me.

Jadwiga, Konin, 12 March 2021

I’m 76. I first met Dr Podbielski during his lecture in the 1990s in a lecture hall in Międzyrzecz. Dr Podbielski talked about the properties of Tp1 and Tp2, showed pictures of people with wounds that were hard to heal but healed after the application of microelements. He gave a lot of other good advice. Since then I have been using TP2 as a preventive measure. Recently, I had my lymph nodes affected, and after taking TP2 for a week the pain went away. My son Tomasz had cancer of his left lung and of the lymph nodes 5 years ago. He was diagnosed with malignant cancer. After taking TP2 for a month and a half, there was a change in his tests results before chemo. It turned out that the cancer was not malignant. The doctors were very surprised. After 8 chemo cycles everything was over. My son is active again and he is doing well. I’m sending my best regards for the entire Dr Podbielski Foundation and I wish you further research in this direction.

Adam Rupniak, Gorzów Wlkp., 22 January 2021

It\'s May 1978, my son Grzegorz (four-and-a-half years old) developed chronic uremia. He was saved, the doctors said the chances were 1 in 1000. After returning from hospital, I sought help. My neighbour told me that there was a man who could help me. She gave me Dr Podbielski’s address, which she had from her family in the United States. I wrote to Dr T. Podbielski and received a card with information, which I have kept until today. I took the train to get there with my child. At about 9:00 Dr Podbielski welcomed us at his house – there was a large group of us (15–20 people). We were sitting, and Mr Podbielski stood in the centre, and discussed the effects of Tp1 and Tp2. I brought Tp1 and Tp2 home and would give them to my son in addition to his medications. Now my son has turned 47 and has never suffered from the recurrence of the disease. About 30 years ago my son (the same one) had enlarged cervical lymph nodes. The doctor used an antibiotic, but it didn\'t help much. I talked my son into Tp2 compresses and he recovered after a few days. So far the disease has not recurred. Two years ago, my daughter, aged 42, had a baby (healthy), but had malignant tumours on both ovaries. After both surgeries, she returned home. She had chemotherapy. I used Tp1 and Tp2, and for now her health is good enough for her to take care of the baby. She has given this website address to all her friends and people in need.

Helena Wiercińska, Żukowo, 14 December 2020

Hello, My husband\'s grandmother, who lives in Breń, used the Dr Podbielski product as a supplement. She even had the opportunity to meet the doctor himself and attend his numerous lectures. It was in the times when Dr Podbielski was still alive and his products could only be bought in Międzyrzecz. I contracted the fascination for these wonders from her and I have been promoting TP1 and TP2 ever since as the best and most bioavailable microelements on the market, with miraculous health-prolonging effects. Praise be to Dr Podbielski! I express thanks on behalf of myself and of all the women in our village. 

Monika Orzeszko, Podlesie, 8 January 2021

After checking the effect of TP on my own body I recommended it to my family and friends. So as not to write too much, I will describe a peculiar case. So, my uncle had an operation on his prostate. After the surgery it turned out that it was a malignant cancer – melanoma; when his son told me about it during a telephone conversation I was very worried, because my uncle was only 62 atthat time. Not thinking much, I rushed to help by providing him with TP. While in the hospital, accompanied by his son, we talked to the head of the ward, who told us that it was the last stage of cancer and there was neither medicine nor a doctor who could cure my uncle. After three days my uncle was discharged from hospital and immediately started taking TP, which immediately had a very positive effect on his mood and my uncle started to recover. When I visited him after 6 weeks he was very happy and satisfied, he looked like a completely healthy man, but unfortunately the cancer had already ravaged his body and my uncle died twenty months after taking TP. I would like to mention that my uncle stopped taking morphine after four months. When he met the doctor who had performed the surgery three or four months earlier, he was shocked that my uncle was alive. As far as I’m concerned, as I also used TP, I will just say that I had a surgery for a liver cancer (malignant) in 2018, which was a result of being infected by hepatitis C virus in 1989. Knowing about it half a year before, I applied TP-2, which had a very good effect, because just three days after such major surgery I was discharged from the hospital, without any discharge from the wound (which was longer than 30 cm). I underwent some tests for cancer markers which were negative, I currently take TP as a preventive measure, intermittently. Over these 20 years I have brought very many TP products for my family and friends, who were very pleased with their effects. I believe that TP should be used in all hospitals as a product that strengthens the body before and after surgery. Well, I have known the microelements for over 20 years, moreover, I have used them, and thanks to that I am still alive and physically fit, despite the fact that I’m 67 and I still work running a business in the difficult construction industry. I can definitely confirm that microelements have helped and continue to help me in my daily life. I\'ve had many illnesses in those 20 years, but that was only due to improper treatment by doctors. They include bronchitis and pneumonia, which caused my body\'s immune system to be flushed out as a result of my frequent illnesses. After analysis of those problems, I came to the conclusion that my health and life were at stake and I needed to gain knowledge about other forms of protection besides the chemical medicine which was used in the wrong way by many doctors. I accidentally found out that there are some microelements that cleanse and support the body, so without thinking much I started to act, which brought unexpected results.

P. Dobrzyń, Słupsk, 24 November 2020

Dr Podbielski\'s microelements have been in our family for over forty years. My mother, who suffered from hypothyroidism, hypertension and heart disease, as well as my eldest sister who had breast cancer, took them. I use them occasionally, but there was a moment when I recovered thanks to Dr Podbielski\'s products. It was 1990 and I was supervised by an oncology clinic for a few months due to initially harmless breast lumps. I was on hormone treatment, which not only didn\'t work, it also exacerbated the situation so much that I developed a ghastly soreness in my right breast. I could not move my arm and the pain radiated up to my shoulder, paralysed the intercostal area and reached under my shoulder blade. I then ordered Dr Podbielski\'s cobalt ointment. I applied it regularly and felt relief after a fairly short time. I was afraid to discontinue the product, even though the smell was odd and the ointment stained my underwear permanently – I couldn\'t wash it and I had to throw it away. However, once, when I wanted to order it, it turned out that the ointment was no longer available. Over time, I found that the healing effect was permanent and I didn\'t need to use the cobalt ointment. The pain went away and has not returned. To this day I am grateful to Dr Podbielski, because I know that I owe him my health.

Urszula Osińska, Świdnica, 18 November 2020

I would like to tell the story of my aunt who passed away five years ago, shortly after her 60th birthday. She was in her late twenties when she was diagnosed with a breast tumour. She underwent salvage surgery to remove the neoplastic lesion, but she was also looking for a way to prevent recurrence or malignancy. She then found out about Dr Podbielski\'s microelements. As she later said, she was convinced to use microelements because of a \"cyst – a lump under her scalp among the hair\" which could not be squeezed out by any means. After a week\'s treatment, it was as if the cyst had been pushed out and it could be easily removed. My aunt would drink microelements, pat her body, and sometimes she would do some kind of irrigation. However, she did not follow the doctor\'s recommendations and continued to smoke. After almost fifteen years, the cancer issue returned. It turned out she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, radiation therapy and then took some pills. She continued to use microelements. Ten years later, during a follow-up visit, my aunt asked for a prescription for these pills because she had been told she would be taking them for the rest of her life. The doctor was surprised as they are used for a maximum of three years. According to the doctors, my aunt should not have lived more than those three years, but she survived more than seventeen years.

Łukasz Osiński, Świdnica, 18 November 2020

I have known and used TP-2 microelements for over 20 years. I recommended them to my family. It\'s thanks to them that my uncle recovered from melanoma in the last stage (that’s what the attending doctor stated), like many other people to whom I recommended the microelements and who used them. In my opinion such microelements should be used by all doctors in hospitals, we would be a much richer country and much healthier. I recommend them on my full responsibility.

Jan Dobrzyń, Słupsk, 12 November 2020

In 1982, when I was 31, I was diagnosed with malignant cancer (at that time it was practically a death sentence). After surgery, someone told me about Dr Podbielski’s products. I went to Międzyrzecz, to 8, Staszica St. Dr Podbielski gave a lecture on TP1 and TP2 and, of course, on the harmful effects of smoking and on healthy eating. He invited 30–40 people to his room each time. I managed to get in with the second group. I bought the products (at that time they cost 5 PLN, and the doctor asked me to bring empty bottles after injections for the next visit) and started to use them as recommended. I corresponded with the doctor, keeping him informed of my condition. After four months I managed to get into the hospital in Poznań at ul. Garbary to undergo radiation therapy. Taking these products (only TP2 then) I completed the treatment. After 27 lamp treatments (cobalt therapy) I was very exhausted and weak. I recovered fast, using the products. In 1994 a metastasis in the lumbar region was found. After the surgery in Poznań I returned home and continued to take the products and recovered quickly. During the subsequent follow-up visits, it turned out that the malignant cancer that had attacked me had progressed to a benign form. To this day I have no ill effects and I continue to take the products. The story of my younger son is yet another example of the beneficial effects of Dr Podbielski’s products. When he was 8, my son was prone to tonsillitis. He also developed sinusitis. He started to take the products and do inhalations. After a month, I found that there was no trace of sinusitis and the tonsillitis began to subside. At present, my son is 45 years old, 192 cm tall and weighs over 100 kg, and all that thanks to God and to the products of Dr Podbielski. I recommend TP-1 and TP-2 from Dr Tadeusz Podbielski to everyone.

W.E., Kalisz, 9 November 2020

My name is Maria Lilia Mądra, I live in Warsaw. At the age of 34 (in 1980) I gave birth to my second child, a daughter. After the labour, when I did a check-up – a pap smear – the test result was unfavourable (3). I had never had any gynaecological problems before. Medications did not help, a sample was taken for analysis, another pap smearshowed no improvement – I was at risk of having my cervix removed. I was devastated. But I recalled a story told to me two years earlier about Dr Podbielski and his microelements that helped (healed) my friend\'s mother. I went to Powiśle (where I met Dr Podbielski and his wife) and listened to a lecture on the treatment. I started using TP1 and TP2 microelements – I would drink them and do irrigations. After a very short time there was an improvement. I have used the TP1 microelements every day (unfortunately I don’t have a lot of the preparation left) and the test results have been flawless ever since. In addition, my daughter had a blue and red growth on her hand and on her back after birth. TP-1 microelements helped her a lot, not even the slightest trace remained, and the doctor had already wanted to refer the child to an oncologist. At that time – in the 1980s – in my neighbourhood I met a another mother with a baby in a pram. As I noticed that the child had a large red and blue nose, I recommended a visit to Dr Podbielski. I described the case of my daughter\'s recovery as an example. The mother used the TP-2 microelements and the baby\'s health improved, and as it turned out, surgery had already been planned. Thanks to the treatment the child avoided it, and the doctors were surprised by such a dramatic improvement. I also recommended the use of TP-1 and TP-2 microelements to my friends (including to a friend who avoided a thyroid surgery, and another friend whose skin cancer regressed) The beneficial effect of the microelements is also confirmed by the fact that after they were used regularly by elderly people (whom I cared for professionally for some time) their health improved significantly. In 2000, a woman under my care had some problems with mobility, she was in a wheelchair. At one of her medical appointments, the doctor decided that her legs should be amputated due to an advanced disease process. I suggested using TP1 and TP2 microelements. The woman\'s daughter accepted this solution as a last resort. I rinsed the woman’s legs 2–3 times a day in the prepared solution – her legs were saved. Another case of an elderly person: a man after radiotherapy had oozing wounds on his chest, on the left side of his body – also in this case the patient\'s health improved. Another elderly man who had difficulties with walking and leg oedema got help – his legs were no longer swollen, walking was easier. The main reason for the success of the microelements is that they nourish every cell of the body. Patients begin to function better, wounds heal quickly, the body\'s immunity increases. The microelement cream was also wonderful, in the 80s to get it you had to supply a stick of butter (everything was rationed then). At the moment I\'m using Dr Tuszyński\'s silica cream – my complexion is great. I recommend both the microelements and the microelement cream to my family and many friends.

Maria Lilia Mądra, Warsaw, 8 November 2020

Thanks to Dr Podbielski\'s microelements, I have lived for over 50 years. When I was 4 I was diagnosed with cancer, multifocal, located in the bones. After getting this product I started taking it, my parents made compresses. I came back to life. Today I am the mother of two sons and I have wonderful granddaughters and grandsons. I have someone to live for. I take TP 2 as a preventive measure. If I have a headache, I make compresses. I can say with a clear conscience that TP microelements help in the fight against cancer. 

Arleta Ruszkowska, Słupca, 3 November 2020

In 1990, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the reproductive organs, she had to undergo surgery. The doctor said her life expectancy with this cancer was up to 2 years. My friend told me that in Międzyrzecz Wielkopolski there was a doctor who had invented a cure for all diseases, including cancer. I took a train from Bielsko-Biała and attended his lecture. I brought TP2, the stronger one, to my mum. She took it with other medications and lived for over 8 more years. She died in 1999. Also, I took TP2, after which my erosions and moles disappeared. I also take this medicine as a preventive measure. I recommend this medicine to my friends who are suffering from cancer. You drink it in addition to the medications from your doctor.

Władysława Trzcińska, Bielsko-Biała, 31 October 2020

My husband and I are greatly appreciative of the tp-1 and tp-2 microelements from Dr T. Podbielski and we are very grateful, all the more so because in 1984 I was personally in Międzyrzecz and listened to an interesting lecture by Dr Podbielski on this subject. And since then, my family and I have been taking these products all the time. Thanks to these microelements, we maintain good health and do not have cancer. I would also like to mention that a dozen or so years ago, thanks to taking these products, my uterine fibroids were reduced to a minimum and I avoided surgery. And they recently helped my husband to treat and decrease the size of his prostate and his PSA results improved, which helped avoid a biopsy. And we still want to use the TP-2 microelements offered by your foundation, for which we thank you very much in advance.

T.T.G., Piła, undated

In the late 1970s I was diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis during periodic chest X-rays. After some additional tests when samples were sent to various institutes, tuberculosis was ruled out. Another test at the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Warsaw at ul. Płocka by the use of some method (kfejna, I don\'t remember the exact name) revealed it was sarcoidosis. I was informed that there was no medication or known treatment for this condition. In our search for help, by word of mouth, in Poland and in some English journals, we found out that a distant relative of my wife\'s, Dr Podbielski, helped to treat this and similar diseases. We made contact and booked a visit – which was not easy even then. After five years of taking TP1 and TP2, I visited the pulmonary clinic at Saska St. in Warsaw. A meeting of doctors determined that there had been a mistake as there was no lung disease other than minor calcifications. After going through all the documentation, they asked the question – what are you taking?  I answered that it was TP1 and TP2 from Dr Podbielski. It\'s okay, they said. I am 86 years old, the condition of my health is adequate, lungs normal. We visit the grave of Dr and Mrs Podbielski in Łomża twice a year. Yours sincerely, J. Łykowski 

Józef Łykowski, Warsaw, 29 October 2020

My name is Maciej Borowski, I am the son of Wit Borowski, who suffers from an inoperable brain tumour located in the cerebellum. The disease was diagnosed in July 1981. The doctors gave him a small chance of surviving for about 2 years. My father took TP1 and TP2 products before radiation therapy in 1981. He survived 38 more years, and died in August 2019 of respiratory failure, after severe orthopaedic trauma (hip bone fracture).

Maciej Borowski, Poland, 21 October 2020

I didn\'t know Dr Podbielski, but my grandmother did. She would to go to the doctor to get his microelements back when you couldn\'t order them online. My grandmother has been taking them all her life and so has my mother. My grandmother is 85 and feels great for her age. I took them only sporadically, unfortunately. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I have been taking microelements regularly and in large quantities since last December. I have not given up on conventional medicine treatment and am currently undergoing chemotherapy. I take Red Devil chemo in cycles every two weeks, but despite that fact I feel great. I have no side effects from the chemotherapy. My blood test results are excellent. I know my mental attitude does a lot too, because I am calm. I know that the microelements help me a lot and work great with chemo and I know that they will keep me healthy, among other things. Microelements are something I won\'t part with again for the rest of my life. I will always take them. I think it\'s great that we have this kind of medicine. I have already recommended them to many people. Unfortunately, some people don\'t believe and don\'t take them, and they are also fighting cancer. Some said they would take them after consulting a doctor. And the doctor, of course, said that the patient shouldn’t take anything that is not prescribed by him. I didn\'t say anything to my oncologist. I believe it is my business and I have the right to support myself with unconventional medicine in addition to conventional medicine. However, I did not have the courage to give up medical treatment altogether. But I know that with microelements I will get through this without any side effects and be fully healthy. Kind regards, Renata Gryciuk

Renata Gryciuk, Szczecin, 21 October 2020

I haven\'t experienced it myself, but my husband told me about a lump on his neck that he got rid of in three months, he made compresses with TP 2. On the other hand, I saw how the compresses worked on an irregular growth on my calf. Only a discolouration on the skin is left. My husband told me about his friend\'s father who had bowel cancer. This man drank a lot of alcohol. They discharged him from the hospital with the information that he had three months to live. He stopped drinking, made TP 2 belly compresses, and survived another 10 years. He started drinking again, stopped using the compresses, and died. I am a widow, my husband met the doctor personally, he used to go to see him in Międzyrzecz. I hope that this information will be helpful. Greetings, Lidia

Lidia, Zielona Góra, 21 October 2020

The healing effects were so impressive that one of the nurses asked Dr Podbielski to help a woman close to him. She had been discharged from the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice, they claimed there was no hope for her. Diagnosis: uterine cancer. She was given the product. She recovered and lived another 17 years. When Joanna Czubinska\'s sister developed a tumour onher brain, doctors gave her a month to live. Joanna started giving her the product. It was two years ago, and her sister is alive (Bożena Stępień, Beata Hanusik-Znamirowska, 1989).

Bożena Stępień, Gliwice, 1989.
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